Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a year ago

_MG_3956_MG_3584sweden 043

…in sweden.

the difference of being in silence is the speed in which I do things. it ~everything~ tastes, smells, looks, and feels different when you are quiet.

I am not sure you saw this video on the last post: click here to watch something beautiful!


Fröken Blund said...

det var så himla länge sen jag var här och jag vet inte varför. dina bilder och dina ord är så perfekt avvägda och komponerade så att jag får gåshud. bra gåshud menar jag och det är jävligt viktigt att man får det minst en gång om dan har jag hört. så jag kommer hit igen då, ska vi säga så?

annika said...

Åh vilken magisk film! Och tystnaden, så öronbedövande den kan vara ibland. Men jag skulle nog vilja göra som du, ge mig själv den. kram!

barbarabeesblog said...

You're so right that everything is different when we're quiet and sometimes it isn't easy for me to be quiet, it works best in nature and beeing alone.
Wish you a nice week.
Incredible video!
Barbara Bee

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could exist if I did not immerse myself in as much silence as I do. I feel life so much more when it is quiet and still.

The video was amazing. It is more incredible when you look right in her eyes...it was if she was looking right into your soul.

Enjoy Sweden! xo

burntfeather said...

beautiful :)

querido diário said...

I love these pictures and i agree everything is different when done is silence.
All sorts of noise is presence and sometimes a heavy ghostly presence.

sarapirat said...

fröken blund, så fint att ha dig här igen...jag kikar in ibland hos dig, i smyg :), älskar ju dina texter! så kom gärna tillbaka. kramar

annika, visst är den fin? och tystnaden känns plötsligt livsnödvändig. kramar

barbara, indeed, we need the support to be completely silent. therefor the retreat is so valuable to me. hugs

sarah, i hear you! her eyes are amazing, i find it so fascinating to see how the gaze changes, the openness of the child, a period of more hard, strong gaze as a woman, and then towards the end, a gaze full of compassion, right?

burntfeather, thank you!

sara, mmmm...i agree with you.