Sunday, July 28, 2013

where time stands still


I learned how to swim in this pool. there’s something melancholic with a pool not in use. or perhaps it is just my melancholic mind.

~I remember the feeling of the grooved, plastic carpet under my feet. swallowing too much water while swimming. sneaking into the boys sauna. the smell of hot wood and chlorine water. feeling slightly shy but curious about nudity. humidity that makes your long john’s glue to your skin once you got dressed. wet, cold hair underneath a woolen hat. and in summertime the sound of the trampoline outdoors. bringing our turtle in a plastic box to the pool. scraping your toes on the concrete slabs. buying ice cream and mixed candies in the little kiosk and taking the bus back home with another pair of freckles and feeling happily exhausted~


Anonymous said...

odd to think that young children are having those same experiences today in the very place you did years ago.

I love your perspective in your photos...what could be an eerie place is softened by light and familiarity. This reminds me of your abandoned spa post. Those photos were so beautiful.

erleichda said...

yes I also think there is something sad about abandoned swimming pools...

Are you back to Sweden?
I hope you are having good time wherever you are : )

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Samma sak med skolor man besöker igen ... skolor & simhallar ser likadana ut i hundra år känns det som.

Patrice A. said...

prachtige foto's en herinneringen
lijkend op die van mij
behalve dan de sauna, dat is niet iets Nederlands ;^))
en dat gordijn! prachtig!!!


annton beate Schmidt said...

these pictures are a poem on childhood, on memories long faded and yet so strong. incredible!

annika said...

Ja något vemodigt är det, hänger ihop med den man var då och hur länge sen allt känns.

petal and plume said...

sara, you say it and capture it like no one else. so beautiful.

sarapirat said...

sarah, yes, that is exactly what i thought, looking at the children of my sister, and of the other kids hanging out there. thank you so much for your words again!

demie, yes, a few more days in the lovely north! i hope you are enjoying the summer. xx

miss ud, precis!

patrice, nee? ik heb wel een paar saunas bezoekt in nederland, maar misschien niet in de zwembad. ik hou ook van het gordijn! liefs

annton, mmmmm. long faded...phu!

annika, precis så. vemod! och idag höst i sverige. kramar

petal and plume, thank you so much! how kind!

querido diário said...


till-vidas-ara said...

ja, jag minns..! du borde skriva en bok!!!

kramar Lycke

s said...

fin betraktelse. du är bra du!

Roberto said...

What a beautiful way to capture the colors and just framing the little details that without a focus (like on stage) we wouldn't see otherwise!
And, as a person that spent 6 to 7 years swimming (when I was younger), I tell you that I understand every single word. :))
Hugs and kisses!

anna said...

det blir ännu mer tydligt på bild hur sextiotalssnyggt det faktiskt är där!

Anonymous said...

Vilka underbara bilder du tar! Och orden därtill. Just de här från badhuset svingar mig tillbaka i tiden och ger både nostalgi och vemod. Fin dag till dig.