Sunday, July 21, 2013

another bunch of postcards


every place accentuate something else in us.


Anonymous said...

it does indeed.

The little things that make us are the ones that count.

take care :)

Iris Vank said...


S said...

Thank you for posting so beautiful and refreshing photos. I can almost smell the air and feel the greenery that you are surrounded with. The coffee cups on a silver colored tray on a strawberry-print table cloth makes such a good view.
The photograph of the lady with the girl,bathing in water is beautiful , you have captured their happy expressions at the right moment. and your folks, holding hands together- looks so endearing ! wishing you more such wonderful times in your home,
take care,

annton beate Schmidt said...

your sweden looks like I have always imagined it. and the picture of your parents makes me dance. you are absolutely righjt about places. gonna get me a little kanelbulle from the café across the street. for a swedish monday moment. a happy week to you!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
thank you for your postcards from Sweden.
The pic of your parents... is great.... and that's not be taken for granted: a parental home... parents which are happy together, are still in love. Mashallah :)

xo Ariane.

querido diário said...

Beautiful postcards :)

i hope that place is accentuating things in yourself that you are enjoying!

sarapirat said...

sarah, true. hugs!

iris, mmmm...

s, and luckily i do get to experience more of them. all the time, bliss! love,

annton, how was your kanelbulle? any nice swedish style cafés over there? how is your summer? xx

ariane, you are so right, i feel really happy watching them. looking at my fathers eyes when he smile at my mother is special. big hug to you

sara, thank you! and yes and no, different things come up. not only the pleasant stuff, but such is life!

Roberto said...

Beautiful images, mi querida Sara!
I'm looking forward for new artistic abstractions of reality, through your camera!
Hugs and a big kiss, al the way from México!

Saskia Janssen said...

Je maakt echt fijne foto's, puur, gewoon zoals het is.

Nanna said...

Åh vilka bilder. Älskar badbilden och den på paret - dina föräldrar? Och första.. Och andra.
Och allihop. Stor varm kram rakt in i augusti. Hoppas du har fina dagar Sara!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i think so, every place does accentuate other things in all of us. how curious.
sara, i enjoy looking at your photos, your stories in each and every image, the depth.
i've immensely enjoyed your swimming pool melancholy. you made me remember my own (dis)comforts so well.
you're a great reminder of things, love!