Monday, July 1, 2013

a little bit more


isn’t it quite amazing that the story of this project in france started of with a short, and what seemed like a somewhat random, email?

it teaches me to write more random emails reach out more often, to open up, to ask, to suggest. and it teaches me that I need to go against those heavy burden fears of mine as often as I possibly can.

second performance tonight, have a wonderful week you all.


annton beate Schmidt said...

I tend to do that, sit and whatch my fears. of course, the best way to grow them to supersize. you are so right, we should try to overcome the. once in a while, at least. looking at those pictures will remind me. thank you.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I am impressed with your adventures & know that you have a strong self confidence hiding somewhere beneath all those annoying fears. I love seeing your photographs of France. You always have such a beautiful muted palette.

Patrice A. said...

lieve Sara
je foto's prachtig
en ik wens je veel plezier vanavond
(wat zou ik graag in Frankrijk zijn
om je te zien dansen!)
je woorden....
dat zou ik ook vaker moeten doen
vragen stellen, niet bang zijn
en doen

Finland was kort en vooral werken
maar fijn, want bij mijn broer

Daan said...

Ooo, Frankrijk :-)
Mooie voorstelling, Lieve Sara

Queen of Kammebornia said...

That´s good, to meet your fears. To do more random things! Kram!

anna said...

det ser fantastiskt ut, Montpellier! och snart kommer du hem :) puss!

querido diário said...

Well i have to remind myself constantly to get out of my comfort zone and take a chance...

Montepellier looks so cozy and familiar, although i've never been there!

Monica G. M said...

it's how we discover our true selves, isn't it?

loving the gentle sleepiness i get from these.

Geoff said...

Mmmm ... french pastries! Someone (Monica) suggested a gentle sleepiness that come with the viewing of these ... I agree totally. Hmm ... maybe a quick lie down will assist with this feeling :-)

Anonymous said...

I love how you see the world...interesting little pieces of it.

I am definitely not the best example, but there's so many good things waiting for us outside our fears. xoxo

Marlou said...

oooooh vlaggetjes in de stad :) niks fijners dan dat zo ongeveer, denk ik. ik word er in elk geval heel vrolijk van.
en ik ben blij om te lezen dat je zo geniet van Frankrijk. gek he, hoe snel dingen van eigenlijk iets heel simpels (mailtje sturen) naar iets geweldigs kunnen gaan?

annika said...

Åh vad du är modig! Och tänk om jag kunde sitta där och se föreställningen! KRAM

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Lycka till ikväll :-)

Anikó said...

what a beautiful town! love looking at its scenes through your eyes. the gipsy in me wants to wander those streets, the glutton in me wonders about the flavour of those creamcakes, the magpie in me wonders if those items in the street were someone clearing the house out (especially that little table)...
i relate to that notion about the fears very much, sometimes i feel like a clam, just close right up for ages. Vive les random emails!

sarapirat said...

annton, :) yes, i am a pro at that! hohohho
sally, thank you. yeah i guess the confidence is usually there somewhere. nothing black, nothing white. but needs stimulation...
patrice, samen kunnen wij het oefenen. toch?! vandag weer aan het terugreizen...raar...liefs
daan, dankje! :)
queen, oh ja! :)
anna, JA! härligt!
sara, me too, constantly...most of the time i guess i forget.
monica, indeed, so it is.
geoff, those pastries are DANGEROUS!
sarah, me neither, but we practice, right?
marlou, ja vlaggetjes en slingers zijn liefde :) en heel gek! gekgoed!
annika, tack! det vore fantastiskt. kram
miss ud, tackar så mycket!
aniko oh yes, they have amazing garbage here. i wish i had a van, or lived closer, i would have scored some very pretty furniture among other stuff. :)

till-vidas-ara said...

ja jajaja!!! du är så mycket som mig! som alltid. och jag behöver så mycket göra det där också! så bra du påminner, inspirerar. love..****

kramar Lycke

S said...

Your photography is very inspiring, at the same time has a calming presence. I love to see the way you capture the patterns and textures { in walls, designs, etc. etc. }in your photos, they are abstract and beautiful.
take care,

S said...

Fear- we are all in it together. But although we are fearful and vulnerable, we are courageous too, at the same time.
Sometimes, fear cannot not stop us from taking the right decision.
take care,