Tuesday, July 16, 2013

swedish postcards


just a brief hi&bye for now. sweet, sweet summer, may you be very long!


querido diário said...

Have a great summer :)

it's a dream for me to someday visit your country!

Anikó said...

i love the strawberry season here! enjoy your stay in sweden x

Patrice A. said...

starwberry season!
and that last image
so beautiful

love from
the Sunny Friesland!!!

(whah! in het engels deze keer ;^)))

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Yes I love the last image too but all together they are a beautiful bouquet of happy summer life....love getting to know Sweden through your wonderful photographs.

outi said...

How nice to hear you are back in the North:)

Those ice cream boats, i remember them from my childhood! I doubt if one can get them anymore in Finland.. i loved them.

Beautiful summer days for you beautiful Sara!

Anonymous said...

have a lovely summer :)

gunn kristin monsen - all in the details said...

Love,love,love your blog & youre photos!

:D from Gunn

Queen of Kammebornia said...

Ja, må den vara för evigt den här underbara sommaren. Nu blev jag sugen på en glassbåt också! Kram!

Sarah (Poespapier) said...

Such beautiful images!! what a remarkable clear and fresh eye you have. i just bumped on this blog, and am so curious about your adventures. what happened with an e-mail, and what's your summer like? (i will follow your nice blog, for sure)

Malin Aurora said...

Åh så fint<3

sarapirat said...

sara, dear, you too! and i do recommend you to visit sweden.

aniko, YES! yum!

patrice, oh wat fijn, ook zon daar! geniet.

sally, thank you! hope you are having a wonderful summer.

outi, maybe jump on the ferry and get a boat here! :) summerhugs to you!

dorte, same to you!

gunn kristin, thank you so much, and welcome! i will visit you too!

queen, jag längtar mest efter lakritspuck! Hela tiden! kram

sarah, how nice you dropped by, looking forward to visit you, thank you for your comment.

malin, tack! och hej!

till-vidas-ara said...

ja..bara var där du är och låt sommaren vara lång! här har vi ganska kallt och regnigt mest hela tiden nu..tyvärr! men man vänjer sig med det mesta och läser böcker så fort man kan (ler)

härlig härlig sommar till dig..


Heart Box Studio said...

Oh! I've so missed your photos! I think we could of met up in Sweden my dear! XO

Geoff said...

Look at those strawberries! Delicious!