Wednesday, May 22, 2013

summer skies


I watched this movie again. this song is so beautiful.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
I never saw this movie, but yesterday night before 'Gatsby' I have seen a trailer to his new movie... crazy and hyped-up! Years ago I saw 'Volver'... and much longer ago 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown'. 'Volver' is my favorite... since now.

Are you all right, Dear?

x Ariane.

Anonymous said...
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Anikó said...

gorgeous colours in those skies. they remind me of the cover of Lisa Gerrard's Mirror Pool album.

erleichda said...

beautiful song and I love the placing of your sky photos

stor klem

barbarabeesblog said...

Wonderful picture, wonderful music and a film perfect for you, never heard about it, I should urgently catch up with it!

annika said...

Älskar den filmen! Alla hans filmer är bra. På djupet. Och vilken underbar bild. Är du i Sverige nu? Kramar!

Brittain Jackson said...

Im in love always!

Anonymous said...
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Geoff said...

Those clouds have a beautiful depth. I will add Summer Skies to my movies to watch list :-)

sarapirat said...

dear ariane,
would like to see gatsby, hyped up? so not recommending? long time ago i read the book. not sure i was very excited about it either, the book i mean?! and volver? i forgot, but i think i saw it. i love the song at least!
i am all right i think. longing for sweden. and waiting for news.

aniko, nature gave a splendid show once more!

demie, tack snälla!

bee, if you want to i could dropbox it for you? xx.

annika, nej inte än. förhoppningsvis i början av juli eller slutet av juni. det är en israelisk himmel! :) kramar

brittain, love you!

geoff, recommending it! slightly heavy but still!

querido diário said...

One of my favorite movies ever.
I saw Caetano Veloso live four times,that's how much i love him :)

beautiful skies*