Thursday, May 16, 2013

from above


I need a different point of view.

wish you a beautiful thursday!


erleichda said...

I like it
the different point of you
is liberating at times

big hug from Norway

HAMPTON SC said...

Feliz jueves también para ti, Sara!

Anonymous said...

I need that too! Glad you pointed that out...I'm going to re-evaluate my today from a different view.

Have an awesome day!

barbarabeesblog said...

Oh yes, I know what you mean, sometimes I wish I could be in outerspace to get another perspective on earth and life in general.
Wish you a big difference!

annton beate Schmidt said...

I hear you and yes, sometimes climbing a chair already helps. to new persepectives and fresh angles. may is perfect for that. a big hug from berlin!

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag önskar dig en underbar torsdag tillbaka.

querido diário said...

it started raining here... it's remind me of how little things can alter so much the way i feel/act.

I think new angles and new perspectives are essential for growth :)

querido diário said...

Have a great thursday!

till-vidas-ara said...

och jag har fått en :)))
har varit så mycket som hänt här. mest inuti. så jag nästan försvann helt härifrån. bara bra saker!

många kramar om..


Anonymous said...
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anna said...

hoppas ni har det himla härligt! hälsa, pussar och kramar

Anikó said...

good-looking mint and olives! mmm...

Patrice A. said...

oh, i am in need of
that too sometimes
than i lay on back
with my feet on the couch
the dog besides me
and the world turns

Patrice A.

whah! in het engels vandaag

sarapirat said...

demie, different points of us!
big hug back.

hampton sc, gracias!

sarah, and how was it?

bee, mmm....still do!

annton, i believe so too. change of season and ambiance with that is for sure helping. xxx.

miss ud, tack!

sara, and here too! but now summer is back. which is having it's effect of course.

lycke, så nyfiken! fantastiskt! kramar

anna, har vi haft det, nu har dom åkt och det känns tomt.. kramar

aniko, and those garden carrots! yum..

patrice, oh dat is ook een gooie tip. ga ik gewoon doen! liefs

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh me too me love love your new point of view!