Friday, May 31, 2013

fiori di zucchina


pastry covered and deep fried flowers. yummy.


annika said...

Vilken fin klänning! Ha en fin helg min vän! Kramar

Pascale said...

I cook that !!!
One of my favorite spring disk.

Jael said...

Det där är så gott:-) men det är inte så lätt att hitta zucchini-blommor.Var hittade du dom? Kram och härlig veckoslut:-) l

Ariane Reichardt said...

Tempting... again,
dear Sara.
I will try.

Sunny hugs from here, Dear.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Yummy! I like the dress too!

till-vidas-ara said...

ser alldeles underbart ut! liksom du och din klänning..! hoppas du känner dig bättre och många kramar i en hög till helgen..


Anonymous said...

Really? You can cook those? I bet they are delicious...

I just bought a book on edible flowers and am going to make dandelion muffins this weekend.

and CUTE dress!!!

Have a great weekend.

petal and plume said...

wow, what an exquisite dish! beautifully done.

erleichda said...

I love zuccini flowers Sara!

In greece we bake them stuffed with rise and lots of lemon. Is by far my favourite meal!
So simple and so good.

beautiful foto with red dress : )

sarapirat said...

annika, vet du den har jag köpt av toril! kramar

pascale, yes! what is your special version?

jael, i våran trädgård! vi odlar zucchini! kram

ariane, :) try! love

sally, thank you! i found it on a friends blog!

lycke, tack fina, huvudet dunkar fortfarande men annars bra. kramar

sarah, you can! dandelion muffins sounds amazing, can i have a taste?

petal and plume, welcome here! happy to see you.

demie, wow, that sounds even better, gonna try that!

Geoff said...

Looks delicious ... very summertime. Love the dress too.

Marlou said...

mmmmm ziet er heel lekker uit

querido diário said...

i love your dress and i love the food <3