Sunday, April 21, 2013

little outdoor moments


reminding myself to breathe. even on those days, when the sky is hanging just above your forehead and you can’t seem to collect enough energy to do the slightest little constructive thing, I try forcing myself to take a walk outside while paying extra attention to my breathing and usually it brings something different….

the lightning hit the telephone connection, and I was liberated(?) from the internet the past few days. rain is pouring down and I am suddenly sick. sleeping seems to be the best cure.

love to ya’all!


Patrice A. said...

sweet you
ik draag je mee
in mijn gedachten
en hoop dat je
snel weer opknapt
je foto's
zijn prachtig als altijd
die eerste mijn favoriet

dikke kus!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Feel better soon dear Sara! I am sorry you are not feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Get lots of sleep and dream happy thoughts and hopefully your tomorrow will be brighter.

These photos are beautiful...especially the one with the butterfly.

Feel better....xo

Geoff said...

Get well soon ... 'liberated by lightning' - now there's a cool name for a blog or a band ;-)

annton said...

sometimes, I'll ask myself, if it is because we'll read each others stories, that the days and moods seem to float in equal directions. with similar energy. or are these simply times of deep thinking for all of us. I kind of like both concepts. the sky close to our foreheads, what a wonderful picture. get well soon. lots of sun & love from berlin.

hampton sc said...


annika said...

Åh hoppas du sovit dig frisk. Jag har haft en släng av vårinfluensa och är inte helt kry ännu, men sömn är en viktig faktor. KRAMAR!

querido diário said...

Sleep solves our lack of sight (almost everytime)

Beatiful imagens :)

Jael said...

Hoppas du redan mår bättre.Det har varit härligt med regn men nu blir det varmare och säkert får vi här nästa regn först på hösten.Kram!

Patrice A. said...

lieve sara
ik ben de host
voor de drawing challenge
van komend weekend
het is de 100e
en het thema past jou
zo, zo goed
als je je beter voelt
wil je wel meedoen


outi said...

looks like summer there. we just got spring in here!
get better soon Sara, lots of hugs and love*

Gracia said...

Sleeping most definitely the best cure all I know, and I like how you describe that feeling of closeness, and of focusing on breathing. Internalising. Awareness. Focus shift. Yes! I will try this next time I too feel pressed.

Hope you are feeling better...

Anonymous said...

hope you are better by now ... lovely photos :)

Unknown said...

rest est, see what your body and mind want to incubate.

Lisa said...

Din blogg är den finaste jag vet! Älskar älskar älskar dina bilder. Dom liksom både stillar längtan efter äventyr lite.. och inspirerar till nya!

sarapirat said...

patrice ♥ dankjewel!

sally, thankyou dear, it is ok, it happens... :)

sarah, i try! thank you!

geoff, hahaha!

annton, hmmm, i guess like you that there's a truth to both concepts indeed. we are after all sharing the same sky...and walking on the same earth, breathing the same air.... so is it finally sunny in berlin? springtime? love

hampton, gracias!

annika, absolut! kramar

sara,you are right! and i have slept a lot this week, more to come though! xx.

yael, ja det var nog det sista ordentliga regnvädret i alla fall. tills i höst dvs, och får vi hoppas! kram

outi yes, our spring looks very much like the nordic summer... and our summer looks like...not sure. more dry! i always miss the green, the lush then. but enjoy something else too. thank you dear!

gracia, ♥ me too i will try it, again and again. trying and practicing...

dorte, thank yoU!

monica, i love that word, incubate, especially since we just build one for the sourdough and tempeh we are making! :)

lisa, tusen tack snälla! blir väldigt glad av dina ord.

nadine paduart said...

the pictures so contrary to your mood. hope you feel okay now.

Magdalena Sander said...

love to you! my dear friend.

chrissy said...

Gush. The delicate butterfly on the hand....amazing. Your pictures speak such beauty to things displaced. It mesmerizes me.

Birdie said...

Lovely :)

Niken said...

gorgeous day