Saturday, April 27, 2013



tired tigers, broken plates, please love, heat waves and mouthful of conversations.

walking on the boulevard, sweat drizzling from my knees, watching friday morning coffee drinkers and other urban pleasures, an old man sitting next to his caretaker on a wooden bench, reading the newspaper, shouts to me; ‘miss, miss, I love you, is that ok?’

of course it is!’ , I answered.


Merel said...

Liefde in jouw foto's (ook die van hier beneden)! Bijzonder spontane uitspraak van de man :-)

Jael said...

Fin stämmning igen i dina bilder. Vilken boulevard?

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Your posts always make me happy. Even if they are not especially happy....I just feel happy to know you.

Lisa said...

Som alltid underbara underbara bilder och ord. Har världens crush på din blogg..

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

so filled, this.

outi said...

hej kära sara, just wanted to tell you that these photos of yours, and all the stories with them, they make me very happy and peaceful. thank you for these moments you share with us <3

annika said...

Of course it is! Härlig söndag önskar jag dig Sara. Hos oss var det +4 grader imorse. Huttrigt men utemöblerna har åkt fram i den kala kala bersån. Jag längtar efter lite svett!

annton beate Schmidt said...

full of life, so full. we should throw things together, one day, and have a feast; containing sun, rain and love.

querido diário said...

so sweet <3
seems like a great friday you had there*

sarapirat said...

merel, love is in the air! :)

jael, ben gurion! kram

sally, thank you dear, so sweet to hear...makes my heart warmer!

lisa, tusen tack, det känns så fint att läsa! kram

n, filled my heart indeed!

outi, thank you! i am so lucky to be able to share them, with you and others. ♥)

annika, åh jag förstår det! hoppas ni får en svettig sommar efter den här vintern. kanske blir det svettigt när du åker för att träna med din lärare, och inte bara i studion, ska du till serbien igen? för visst är det dit du brukar åka? kramar

annton, would love that! throwing a feast together! yes! geil!

sarapirat said...

sara, oh yes it was!

s said...

håller med honom!!! klok man.

Magdalena Nowak said...

sara, thank you for sharing it. this moment! i am laughing from the left to the right ear and my eyes lights like stars now! so beautiful...haaachhh i have to visit the blogger world more often. your posts are alwasy special.


barbarabeesblog said...

I love how you always see the sparkling in the ordinary, you gifted little girl - no wonder everyone loves you - me too!
Hugs + love

sarapirat said...

magdalena, thank you sweetest you, happy to have you here again!
much love and springy hugs!

thank you so very much! sending love back, all the way to germany!

Anne said...

love those snippets of your daily life :)