Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a bit more of desert


I experienced my first sandstorm. it came so suddenly and changed the bright blue sky to yellow and you could not see a meter ahead of you. since we were also traveling with my friends son, (turning one today! still remembering his birth crystal clear) sleeping outside was not an option anymore so we went to a bedouin village and slept in the tent on the last picture. always amazed to be confronted with such different culture and mentality then what I am mostly surrounded by.


hampton sc said...

Espectacular el desierto y sus gentes!
Maravillosas fotografía, como siempre.
Buen día.

Marrit said...

Oh, mag ik mee in jouw rugzak? :) Lijkt me een geweldig avontuur.

Makeminemidcentury said...

You are such the bohemian traveller! Fantastic!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, sweet desert rose, you are really an adventurer!
Dear Sara, your pics shows a kind of freedom... and beauty and respect
love it!

Much love to you
xo Ariane.

till-vidas-ara said...

Vilka underbara bilder. de tre översta jag älskar !!! och vilka upplevelser du får kära..försöker föreställa mig, men jag antar man måste vara där, finnas i det för att förstå. tycker det är vackert..
ingen är sjuk här nu. lycka! funderar på färg till väggen i vardagsrummet. små tankar, små steg ..

kramar till dig, Lycke

annika said...

Åh Sara vilka bilder! Och plötsligt längtar jag till öknen :) Stor varm gul kram till dig!

annton said...

I've have not been to the desert yet, but your pictures make her look like poetry. not the pink, the girlie one, but like an honest and strong piece of a poem.

querido diário said...

I love this adventure so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm envious of your life! Your travels are amazing and it's awesome how you capture so many different aspects of the land and its people.

Enjoy and live it all up!

Jael said...

Vilka fina bilder du igen har tagit.Denna sandstorm var den svåraste på 4 år!

Anikó said...

that flower among the white rocks is out of this world. must have been nice to take shelter from the sand storm between those walls of gorgeous carpets... fantastic adventures!

my boyfriend would love it if you shared your recipes! here's my email if you wanted it:

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, dear Sara...and belated Happy Birthday... first one for little Aries! Best wishes for his parents, too :)

I have been to the desert a few years ago. In the Sudan the sand is red coloured and when we drove on a runway in direction to the River Nile... to make a picnic shielded by a tent which was similar patterned like that one you photographed... and bathing with clothes on in the river... I saw low black bushes with strange, multicoloured blossoms blowing in the wind... it took some time since I understand that this were small rests of plastic bags tangled up in the branches. Crazy!

xo Ariane

Nanna said...

Dina bilder är så vackra och ibland kan jag längta tillbaka enormt mycket till tiden i Israel. Att resa runt där omkring. Öken, döda havet, kulturer så olikt här. Hur länge har du varit där och hur länge planerar du att stanna?


Unknown said...

Travel safe. You are seeing (and sharing) remarkable things :-)

Unknown said...

wow, what an incredible adventure and your photos are so wonderful - I love deserts and your story and pics make me longing for experience and adventrue even more - the others are right you're a adventurer/bohemian traveller - who could ask for more?

s said...

oj, låter väldigt bra. och mobiltäckning hela vägen:-)
säg "congrats" till din väns son.
det är så roligt att följa din vindlande stig. all yours/s

outi said...

wow wow wow. you know you live incredible life? incredible:) I am dreaming of that kid of way to live. to be able to se so many different ways to live. to sleep under the sky ( i have many fears too!), to see the desert, a bedouin village..

and all these beautiful photos, once again <3

Unknown said...

Wow your experiences bring life to my soul lady! :-)

Merel said...

je maakt je geuzennaam weer eens waar, Sara Piraat en haar Avonturen!

sarapirat said...

hampton, i need to learn spanish! :) thank you!

marrit, mag je! :) lijkt mij leuk!

carmel, :) sometimes yes...

ariane, thank you much love back! tell us more about the sudan desert! curious!

lycke, skönt att ni är friska. har du bestämt dig angående färg? ska kika in hos dig nu strax. kramar

nanna, jag har bott här i snart 7 år...och vet inte riktigt hur länge till. ibland längtar jag till sverige, eller snarare till familjen. men är rädd för att jag inte skulle finna mig själv där...annorlunda kultur, klimat etc. kramar

geoffrey always makes the experience stronger, the sharing part of it...

bee :) i know, looking at photos makes me dream away too and long for other things than those i experience in the now. for good and for bad. xxx.

s, mobiltäckning? roligt att du är med på vägen! kramar

outi,soon the scandinavian bright summer and you can sleep under the stars somewhere there. i hope to do the same this summer. maybe some 'fjällvandring'... mmmm hugs to you!

brittain, love to you! also enjoying your photos alot that i found my way back.

merel, gelukkig, een tijdje vond ik al dat het helemal niet meer past!
annika, kom hit så tar vi en ökentur! kramar

annton, indeed. there is something very harsh about the desert. it even makes me anxious at times. strong! raw!

q.d :)

sarah, thank you! i am grateful for the life i live. sometimes it is easy and beautiful, sometimes hard and beautiful and sometimes even ugly, of course. that is life. or us experiencing life. yet, full of adventures!

yael, jaha, det visste jag inte, men jag kan föreställa mig. kram

aniko, i have sent you a mail this morning with the recipe i am baking today! let me know if you understand all...

nadine paduart said...

that must be really strange, the sky turning to yellow and filled with particles...

chrissy said...

The desert looks so restful, such peace. So much serenity.