Wednesday, April 24, 2013

all into


…green shakes (throw a banana or two, one green apple, fresh greens from the garden: like kale, silver beet, parsley and cilantro, a few spoons of yoghurt, a few of water, flaxseed, shea seed, nuts or what have you into a jug and mix mix mix until heavenly smooth and then drink it!), second hand, worn and torn cottons (project sewing:turning popsicle maternity dress into popsicle non maternity dress) and garden treasures.

and I just saw this movie, very touching about homosexuality and intimacy, made me want to cry.

what are you into these days?


Jael said...

Green smoothies dricker jag också ofta.
Det blir nu varmare och jag är litet ledsen över det...


Ariane Reichardt said...

Health food... looks yummy, dearest Sara! You are on my mind, especially this week... 'cause of the dc theme DANCE :)
...and your video is crazy great!

Love to you
xo Ariane

Patrice A. said...

smoothies, definitely smoothies!
and other green and
healthy food
bare feet if possible
working the garden
and see it all grow
looking up
and try to be grateful

lieve Sara
en net als bij Ariane
ben jij in mijn gedachten
door het thema van deze dc


annton beate Schmidt said...

finally, it is spring here, almost summer actually. to celebrate, I am having litres and litres of rhubarb juice (such a tickling taste), I am still messing with the grumpy man painting and I have watched "the story of luke" last night. a beautiful little movie.

Anne said...

mmm die ga ik zeker proberen die groene shake :) en dank voor de filmtip! altijd fijn. ik heb net 'cafe de flore' gezien - ook indrukwekkend. liefs!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

film title noted!
power drink sounds... just that... power!
am trying to get into parade's end, 3rd time around and i've failed. again. it's getting legendary.

till-vidas-ara said...

härligt där med fina tyget och goda nyttiga drycker. här är glädje för sol och en början till rensning av trädgården. kanske violer på bron..

kramar Lycke