Friday, February 22, 2013



sitting glued to the screen with a sore throat and a inflamed foot in a bandage of cabbage, I love those granny-DIY-tricks!

playing with photos digging through video material from my dancing carrier, struggling with computer software,the latter not my strongest side.  I get impatient and frustrated. oh well. breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

wishing you a happy weekend, with the whiskers high and nipples pointing upwards!


annton beate Schmidt said...

like a feather, leaving footprints like a strong bear... sara, those images arei ncredible! hugs & a big GET WELL soon from freezing berlin.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Gorgeous nipples. Really perky. Youth. Hang on to it!

Yaelian said...

Stackars du,hoppas du fort mår bra igen;din fot också.Ha en bra veckoslut! En stor kram!

Patrice A. said...

whiskers high and nipples upwards
I will keep that in mind

fijn weekend!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

The first photo is really perfect!

Hope you are feeling better soon & all your technical worries are resolved as well. Cabbage on your foot? Sounds interesting.

annika said...

haha, underbart! Önskar dig samma! Och du är något på spåren där med dina bilder!

Monica B said...

the best thing about such illnesses, is that you get the time to practice such things as software ;)

that first shot is sublime.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

yep, someone.
oh and computer struggles, he?
just don't beat the keyboard like i dare. it could break the damn thing....

Anikó said...

i do hope you will feel better soon and all inflammation will be calmed and gone x i like your spirit and humour - your nipple pride is inspirational, unluckily for me i belong to the tribe of innies :)

Merel said...

O o .. het klinkt alsof jouw wandelavontuur niet van lange duur was. En dan is het je ook nog ' naar de keel gevlogen '. Een pas op de plaats dus, Take Care!

En oh, omdat ik binnen werk en veel moet zitten en praten ga ik dagelijks wandelen met een redelijk tempo, voor beweging, frisse lucht en een fris hoofd. Heerlijk.

demie said...
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demie said...

love the photos Sara!

hope your leg is better by now

(kjerringråd er det beste jeg vet!)


sarapirat said...

annton, i love that sentence...light like a feather, strong like a bear! thank you and hugs back to you!

carmel, hihi, perky! :)

yaelian, tack detsamma hur var purim hos dig? kramar

patrice, ik probeer het ook! liefs!

sally, thank you very much! cabbage works great against inflammations, i highly recommend it! xxx.

annika, hmm, undrar vad, kanske ser du mer än vad jag gör? kramar

monica, yes, and i even had the patience for it, can you believe it? xxx.

woolf, oh i know that feeling! trying to keep calm! and carry on!

aniko, the tribe of innies sounds really cool though! thank you dear!

merel, ook een wandelar dus! fijn! liefs

demie, thank you, and i would love to make a book once collection all those kjerringråd...klem! '

chrissy said...

I struggle with all things is a miracle I am able to leave you this comment:) But I am so glad because these photos are such a delight! So free and beautiful...xxoo