Wednesday, February 20, 2013

dinosaurs, black eyed peas and almond blossom (again)


that’s all for now.

p.s I am all into walking right now. far and quick. does wonder to my mood and to my body. especially since I am still too buzzy to sit quietly in meditation. you guys? into something new? something special?


Julia da Franca said...

...should try that walking thing too my dear sara,
can't sit with a quiet mind at the moment:) and yes i am into seacucumbers and soulplants. love, julia

annika said...

Längar. Till en massa saker. Men mycket till våren som blir magisk i dina bilder. Och sedan till allt annat också som hänger ihop med den. Stor kram

Anonymous said...

You're still buzzing and popping??? :) Keep trying to walk it off, it does do wonders. I try to walk but it's been so brutally cold here that it just takes my breath away.

I'm in to planting seeds for my garden. The basement is filled with lots of dirt and little pots everywhere!

Patrice A. said...

walking and others sports
and ....
wandelen, lopen en andere sporten
als het maar actief is en het liefst buiten
ondertussen de tuin checken
er komt al van alles boven
anders koken en eten, meer fruit en groenten, vooral fruit en groenten!
en proberen afstand te nemen
meer accepteren en loslaten
er van een afstand naar kijken
genieten van dat wat er wel is
de wereld en mensen om me heen anders benaderen
loskomen van vastgeroeste patronen
met een glimlach op mijn gezicht want
langzaamaan vind ik mezelf terug


barbarabeesblog said...

I'm into like I call it doggic walking, which means I'm going rapid with Yumi (dog) through the forest every morning for 1 hour.
Something new? Collage everyday, as you know and try to eat healthier food to loose wait and be more energetic.
Like the dino.

Magdalena Nowak said...

liebe Sara,

I am jogging, through rain, sun, snow, leaves, rain, sun, snow, leaves, rain, sun, snow, leaves...and so on...every running is different from the other. although I am used to it (since two years anh hope running my first half marathon this spring) it's sometimes so hard, sometimes so good, sometimes so short, sometimes so long, sometimes like a flood, sometimes so relaxing, sometimes cleaning my mind but always giving me breathing. breathing for the day, for the next step and the next breath. not just running but being outside is every time ONLY GOOD for me , never bad, and this is the only new conclusion for me personal :D
kisses my blossom.
your m

sarapirat said...

julia, seacucumbers!!!! soulplants??? what where how? explain? check out the swedish word pussgurka btw!

annika, snart snart, den är på väg! kramar till dig

sarah, oh yes, buzzing popping snapping! what are you planting? planting is a great therapy... xxx.

patrice, oh i love this list. mooi! genieten van wat er WEL is. en er is zo veel! mooi om te lezen allemal, geeft inspiratie! liefs en knuffel!

barbara, yumi is a great companion i assume for those forest walks and gving you love and affection anyhow.
also trying to be healthier. not sure it works, have such cravings for chocolate and sweets lately! xx

magdalena, i jumped by your place yesterday to respond to your comment here! love and hugs to you, thank you for your words!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

fat lot of good it does too, but hell, i'm not complaining.

Geoffrey Dunn said...

I find intense renovation and weeding very therapeutic (not to mention cathartic!)