Monday, November 5, 2012



trying to find the ground in lublin after a few intense days in bologna. as you can see my feet and thoughts are still floating somewhere above.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Fantastic perspective,
dear Sara,
so your head is laying on a soft pillow?

I give you a hug, my friend

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, dearest Sara, just have found two short videos by you/with you. So nice to hear your voice. You are multitalented, do you know that?

And, Poland, sweet memories... I visited my husband at a filmset in Poland. It was in a castle (ha?! but without the Eisenbach). He was playing a chevalier. At a sunny day on the tower he makes me a marriage proposal... it was very romantic!

x A.

annton beate Schmidt said...

light & breezy, a bit blue. those toes a dance already. xx

Yaelian said...

Vilken rolig bild Sara:)

Yaelian said...

Vilken rolig bild Sara:)

Iris Vank said...

Grappig perspectief!

till-vidas-ara said...

hej vännen! ligger i sängen och ser tv. har också känt mig sådan i veckan. du får väldigt gärna maila och berätta vet du! väldigt gärna. kramar om dig..

Patrice A. said...


zo fijn
met je hoofd laag
en je voeten hoog
zoeken naar evenwicht
en rust
ik doe dat graag

ik ga Ariane vragen naar die videos!!


sarapirat said...

ariane, dear, on a soft pillow yes! great thing to turn it around...realizing that if your feet are not grounded, then another part of your body must be! and what videos did you find? where in poland did this romantic event take place? love!

annton, for sure they are scared by dancing alright!

yaelian, tack! kramar

iris, :)

lycke, maila! det ska jag göra! när? snart...hoppas jag. igår när jag läste din kommentar kände jag att jag hade kunnat skriva en mindre roman till dig, men mina ögonlock var så tunga. så jag gick och la mig istället. men det kommer. kramar

patrice, evenwicht is het word! zoeken is het andere misschien..
fijn dat je terug bent! ik heb geen idee welke videos zij bedoelt! :) spannend... liefs en knuffels

demie said...

Hei Sara!

find the ground but don't stay on it for longer than necessary ;)

hugs xxoxo

Pascale said...

Ah ah ha, excellent !

sarapirat said...

demie, ! i guess by nature i won't! for good and for bad! hugs

pascale, :) thank you so much!

La Dolce Vita said...

loved it !