Friday, November 23, 2012


queque 2

local kids queuing for the homemade water slide on a hot summerday.

it is calmer today. who knows for how long, and whether there is a sustainable solution in reach? but still, right here and right now, calmer.

sweet magdalena posted this inspiring video on her blog. check it out. made me want to read something by alan watts.
counting raindrops and sorting through the attic of my mind, I am wishing you a wonderful, tranquil, peaceful friday!


till-vidas-ara said...

oh dear. måste jag säga. jag såg videon och brast ut i tårar. för den gäller ju lika mycket nu som när jag gick ut ur gymnasiet. vad man egentligen vill göra och vad man tror förväntas och känner kravet på..
tänk om man verkligen skulle..

kramar en fredag, Lycke

Jael said...

Hoppas vapenvilan håller! Kram och ha en bra veckoslut Sara!

seraphina theresa said...

Not my boyfriend, no. He's only a friend.
And thanks, I wish you the same!

annika said...


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Sara, I have spent a good part of the afternoon looking at your blog catching up on older posts I had missed & new ones I had not seen yet. I love this blog....your beautiful photographs , your simple poetic phrases, your shared adventure, your concern. I am touched by its beauty.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had thought to write Sally's comment's exactly what I think as well. I'm always exited when I see a post from you...

enjoy your weekend. Hope it remains calm.


nadine paduart said...

well, i watched that vid, and feel rejuvenated in having decided a few years back to work parttime, and have sufficient time to just be.
and there's more to achieve, i see.

S said...

Saw the video right now. Loved it. Agreed with it. I love the simple life and I am reminded of the Beatles song " Money can't buy me love :))..." Anyway, loved the photograph you posted here. Happy to see your post. wishing you a good day !

Gracia said...

It's been hard watching things unfold on the news, feeling helpless, feeling lost for the right words. (We've been working on a new zine about Light and it proved timely. Sometimes it helps to focus on the small things that bring joy.)

sarapirat said...

lycke, känslig?! jag med! om man verkligen skulle...JO! YES! lets go! kramar

yaelian, jag hoppas det. kramar

s. theresa, better that way! :) nah, just!

annika, peace, fred, kärlek!

sally, hey there, so happy to read your comment. thank you for these words. they warm my belly! love

sarah, thank you too, so much! i am happy and grateful to share my world with you guys! love!

woolf, oh yes, i agree with that, having made a similar decision not too long ago. and more to achieve for sure! a constant practice and

sanghamitra, thank you dear! love and hugs back all the way to india.

gracia, you are right. i try to do so. to turn my gaze to the many small amazing things around me. all the time. everyday. love

Nanna said...

Vad fint det lät med olivfält och få betalt i olja men förstår att det är mycket som är tungt att se och beröras av.. Bilderna här ovanför är otroligt känslosamma. Ska kolla på filmen sen när jag har min dator. kram och lugn till dig.


erleichda said...

Same to you!

the photos are great

Merel said...

dank voor delen van de video, goed moment om bij stil te staan bij begin van nieuwe week.