Sunday, November 25, 2012

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I got a pair of muddy little hands on my back on a communal working day. my lens needs a little bit of cleaning. and my system needs a complete reboot. a good nine hours of sleep might do the job. this night I woke up at three listening to the rainy storm outside the window, and at four thirty to catch the first northbound train. there are interesting people awake at those hours.


demie said...

take some rest my friend
you look good any way is not that
but even interesting people must sleep sometime ;)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Wish you a good night,
my sweet friend.
Love and peace
xo Ariane.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the most interesting people are having the times of their lives in the wee hours...get some sleep and tell us their stories after you're rested. xo

Patrice A. said...

hello beautiful you!

ook al ben je moe
zie je er nog
prachtig uit
luister er naar
en slaap, slaap....


La Dolce Vita said...

Get some rest dear friend! I need rest too, otherwise, my system becomes dysfunctional ! I sometime take little naps and sometimes if I feel sleepy even after sleeping for long at night I will gulp some tea in the morning and after 2 hours get back to sleep again :))
Your photos are fantastic, very symbolic. You are looking beautiful although I can hardly see your full face ! Will give you the lipstick tutorial soon :))

Pascale said...

Sensitives photos... Love the last one.

Milady Productions said...

nice to see you at my farm sara!
hope you are safe and sound in hibernation :)

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag tog också ett tåg genom hela Polen... vi var ensamma i vår kupe kommer jag ihåg.

sarapirat said...

demie, hihihi! sweety! actually i thought of the interesting people i met and saw the trainstation. resting does good, especially in the winter.

ariane, thank you dear, i had a few more good nights and less good since that (in terms of rest!) hugs!

sarah, hihih! the stories where more related to the people i met at the trainstation, blabbering women, a sudanese man who needed help to buy a ticket..etc etc. xxx.

patrice, wauw dankjewel! vanavond al 9.5 uuren! fijn was dat. veel liefs en knuffel.

sanghamitra,that sounds nice, a nap after a gulp of tea. when you have the time and space to do it. i often do naps on those days. gives me a lot of energy for the rest of the day. looking forward to your tutorial! and thank you for your kind flattering words!

pascale, thank you, the funny thing is that yesterday i fell very hard on a cement floor and opened my chin, exactly the part you see, so i had to glue it at the hospital. perhaps the second version of this photo will be with a scar!

milady, thank you! nice to see you here too!

miss ud, det här var ett tåg i israel. åkte aldrig tåg i polen men tänker mig att det skulle vara lite romantiskt, med melankolisk musik i högtalarna...typ?! och tåg med kupéer är i sig väldigt nostalgiskt, eller hur?!

Seraphina Theresa said...

Why are you so lovely? Sara. Thank you.

Seraphina Theresa said...

And Sara, if you want, this picture ist with its best quality linked with flickr. I would allow you to download it to print it for your wall.

sarapirat said...

fina seraphina! (some swedish there for you!)
that is so sweet and kind of you, and it made my day very happy, your words and your gift!

Gracia said...

Oh yes, traveling at such hours you see a different world. I remember working for a florist for a spell and traveling super early in the morning was little short of insightful. Like some parallel universe. I liked seeing the shift workers and party souls wending way home as the early risers came in to take over the city before the swarm of the 9 to 5 crew.

Beautiful trio of images with this post, too.

outi said...

some good night sleep would be good. or even just some day dreaming.

greetings from stormy helsinki. instead of water, we get some lot of snow at the moment.


sarapirat said...

gracia, that sounds romantic in my ears, i imagine you at this little charming flower shop, drinking hot tea while the sun is rising...

outi, oh yes! snow snow! sometimes i wish i would daydream a bit less actually, and stay more present in the moment...even though i love to daydream... hugs to you

Anne said...

prachtig die laatste foto!!!

Marieke said...

Leuk gezicht, die handen op je rug :)

Nanna said...

vilka underbara bilder. Du är så himla duktig Sara..
kram till dig,