Saturday, November 10, 2012

the sun does not always shine in poland

groceriesprivate propertycultural centerflowerpowerhidden bottlelilla torgetkarusell

all the polish people tell me that it is such a shame that the festival takes place in november, because the sun never shines then. so i assume i was not the only one feeling excited this morning waking up to a pale ray of sunlight sneaking inside through the window. poland is not serving itself on a silver platter, but it demands a pinch of curiosity and a spoonful of patience, and if both of previously mentioned are present, you can’t go very wrong but will find a very warm and charming place. and i can say that even without a tasty shot of vodka. (can you find my hidden bottle?)


Iris Vank said...

Wát een mooie foto's weer!

till-vidas-ara said...

Hihiiih..prova bakom soffan, eller längst in i byrålådan :))) fast det är ju gott om det kommer sig igenom i allafall. tycker bilderna är helt enorma här. fantastiska..så ska inre kriser och annat få härja så flödar konsten ändå så stort så stort. jag häpnar alltid när jag tittar in hos dig rara! önskar bara vi fick vara helt och hållet lyckliga i det vi är också?! ibland blir jag så less på mig själv. kvällen har dock varit så fin, och vi river i huset igen. känns så märkligt bra att slita ner gamla tak...

kramar genom rymden, Lycke

Merel said...

ik hoop maar dat je de vraag over de fles niet aan de mevrouw op de eerste foto hebt gesteld. Dan moet je goed zoeken met zoveel tassen. ;-)
Mooi ook je foto's van de plekken waar de zon niet scheen!

Patrice A. said...

achter het gordijn ;^))

wat een prachtige foto's weer
zelfs armoede krijgt glans
en je beschrijving zo mooi
verborgen schoonheid
dat je er moeite voor moet doen

na dagen van somberte schijnt hier
vanmorgen ook de zon
ze is zo welkom

fijne zondag!

demie said...


I find your photos very beautiful
so many bittersweet elements on them...

...and yes I spotted your hidden bottle dear ;)


Seraphina Theresa said...

How beautiful all this little windmills look there in the light of autumn with that flowers on the wall. So pretty.
I was so happy about your comment. Thank you!
Wish you a warm sunday too. In between, today I'll walk to the city again with a friend and my camera, hihi. Maybe there will come some pictures of it soon. (:


nathalie et cetera said...

fifth photo: cheers!
Love this series. As Demie says, bitter sweet is a very good way of describing them. Just like life.
Enjoy your vacation and thank you so much for visiting even if I tend to neglect my internet friends these days.

fröken L said...

Älskade du! Saknar dig massor!!! Hoppas att Polen fortsatte att visa värme och charm, och att du fått en fin resa hem. Hoppas vi kan få till en Skypedejt.
Hälsa B, F och W när de kommer.

Pussar, kramar och kärlek!

La Dolce Vita said...

Your hidden bottle of vodka is behind those white/transparent curtains :))
I am really intrigued by these pictures of Poland, especially the one where the old lady is searching through her bags. And the fourth photo, I don't know what are those fan like structures...near the window but I love is so striking with flowers on the wall..beautiful ! The window and curtain shot is beautiful too,love the softness of the composition.
Wishing you lots of joy !
take care,

Elle said...

Hey Sarah, I think this fifth picture is georgous! I really love taking pictures of the light.
What are you doing in Italy and Poland, dancing? hich festival? Let me know more please...
Big hug

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

it's quite like so, when i was in poland, i felt it that way too, and it had to do with the seasons, partly. once in summer, i even missed the drabness (i mean, can you believe that?).
your pictures bring back a lot of sentiment for me. i see them like, twice; once for the obvious layer, which is in the moment, once for all which lays beyond.
i still try to make out, pace by pace, what a scandinavian girl does in the middle east. ... ;)))
hope, for one, it is livable these days. take care.

Anne said...

weeral zo'n prachtige serie! geniet van polen, je komt vast en zeker nog veel meer van zulke fotogenieke plekken tegen - fijn om op die manier een beetje mee te reizen!

chrissy said...

Such beautiful always take me somewhere far away with your photos. I always look forward to seeing them, where your eyes have been:)