Tuesday, March 27, 2012

more of those

_MG_0357 _MG_0352

pavement treasures.

and he that seeketh findeth


Anne said...

poor barbie! :)

Monica said...

it might be just because i'm reading feminist lit, but that barbie one looks so hostile to me!

hope you're enjoying lessing.

Ilse said...

haha I love the heart the most.

M. said...

ohhh Barbie

Rachel said...

great finds.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
both finds pierce me to the heart.

My busy dear, what about your pregnant friend?
Enjoy spring.

demie said...

your photographs are pure art.
so many interpretations as many are the viewers

I admire that

annika said...

Ibland när jag tittar in hos dig har jag liksom inga ord. Sagt det förut men säger det igen, det är något i dina bilder som talar direkt till mitt centrum, mitt innersta. Love it!

sarapirat said...

anne, hahaha! poor generation, who are supposed to have this as their 'creative' toys...

monica, totally agree with you! hostile is the word.

ilse, me too! hearts before barbies!

m, :)

rachel, funny ones!

ariane, her date is today. let's see, i have the feeling it will take at least another week. but who knows? love!

demie, wow, thank you for this. ♥ you make me so happy!

annika, wow igen. tack! tusen tack för dina ord! kramar

nathalie et cetera said...

I was going to say "poor barbie!" and then I see all the comments. I guess we feel her pain :)

martita said...

hehe, it happens to me lately that when i notice one of these little funny things in the street i think of your blog!!