Sunday, March 11, 2012

a few days ago, the day before that, and another day before that day

_MG_9841_MG_9943       _MG_9839_MG_9857_MG_9836_MG_9939  _MG_9874_MG_9919 _MG_9850_MG_9951

we had a heat wave passing by and snow feels so far away again. i got a few new freckles while working in the sun. removing layers of clothes from the winter pale and shy skin. always such a strange feeling, to rediscover your skin again.

i notice that when i photograph while being stressed or uncomfortable my photos are less sharp and in general a lot more boring. like a symbolic lesson for life itself. breathe. take your time. use a steady hand. rushing rarely saves time. i practice to sneak up on pictures like a prey in the jungle…being discrete and silent. while keeping my borders straight. can you follow my line of thoughts?


elianne said...

Kan je gedachtes heel goed volgen, herken het helemaal. Als mijn hoofd te vol zit kan ik helemaal geen fotos maken. ( of als er te veel indrukken zijn )
een hittegolf... fijn...hier de eerste lentedag.

Anne said...

herkenbaar! maar voor mij zijn ze altijd interessant, jouw foto's!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
so many levels to discover here. Have to shut my eyes now... I follow your line of thought in my dreams.
See you later, sweetheart.


Rachel said...

There is an interesting flow here, for sure, and every photo is a great one.

Yaelian said...

Dina bilder är fina som alltid:) Söt liten flicka klädd ut som en prinsessa:)
Usch,det var inte trevligt med sharav....

Monica said...

really like those last 3.

Jenny said...

Jag kan verkligen tänka mig att det blir så, att ta bra bilder kräver ju fokus. Själv är jag ofokuserad till tusen, så trött, vill bara sova men förmår inte gå och lägga mig. Måste liksom få vara ensam en liten stund. Tänker på dig.

Eefje said...

Ik vind de een na laatste foto heel bijzonder. Kan hem niet helemaal plaatsen. Zijn de mannen aan het dansen? En sta jij ergens op of zit je in een voertuig? Fijne avond!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara, liebe Freundin,
some more freckles? Lovely!
Its really a sign for more sunlight... my daughters freckles multiplies, too.

Because of your line of thoughts... Are unsharp pics no good pics for you? Emotional charged up pics are sometimes not sharp, it doesn't matters (in my view).
You get on eye level with kids.
There is no fear and you take pictures in a discrete way.
So please, don't value your photos in a hard manner! They are fantastic! Often in a documentary style... exquisite.


Love, Ariane

demie said...

your line of tohught about redescovering our skin ...yes.but much more. I can only see a movement in every single one of these shots. The are alive. THey move and breathe....

sarapirat said...

elianne, hmmmm. meestal als onze hoofd te vol zit kunnen wij niet veel anders. of tenminste niet echt. lente! heel fijn is dat!

anne, dankje! :)

ariane, hope you had a good nights sleep. i generally fall asleep around 10 these nights. working hard makes you tired! no, sometimes i love unsharp pics. BUT, only when i intended so. or, if i wanted the picture to be sharp, and it wasn't, that often has to do with me rushing. do you get my point? i love fuzzy photos. and post some of them too. and the boarders, also had to do with life...the challenge of defining my own boarders. hmmmm.- maybe i am just getting carried away in thoughts! :) lots of love to you

rachel, thank you dear!

yaelian, jag tyckte det var lite skönt med varma det är ju alltid behagligare här uppe! kramar

monica, thank you!

jenny, oj, jag förstår att du behöver tid för dig själv, men kan förmodligen inte riktigt förstå hur det funkar när man har tre små barn. heja dig! stora kramar

eefje, ja, aan het dansen...en ik heb de fotos genoemen uit de venster op de eerste verdieping. :)

demie, are you also rediscovering your skin? perhaps? thank you for your lovely words again.

Iris Vank said...

Misschien ben je minder tevreden over jezelf in tijden van stress? Ik kan me namelijk niet voorstellen dat je saaie foto's maakt. ;)

nathalie et cetera said...

yes photography takes time, patience and commitment. Like any other art I guess. otherwise, we only do snapshots. which in ok too sometimes.
Beautiful series. love the third from the bottom, where the guy seems in trance.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

This is a beautiful group og photographs ..... & I know what you are talking about completely!

martita said...

to me these pictures are amazing beautiful sarita!
maybe because the take me to a different world, far from here and what i daily see...