Wednesday, March 28, 2012

continuation:more of those

Beatrice Kennedy, bröllop

self portraits. the one object to photograph that you always carry with you. sometimes it would be great to leave yourself behind, only for an hour or two. although it would be pretty lonely…

…which made me think of this text:

“Nobody loves me, nobody cares,
Nobody picks me peaches and pears.
Nobody offers me candy and Cokes,
Nobody listens and laughs at me jokes.
Nobody helps when I get into a fight,
Nobody does all my homework at night.
Nobody misses me,
Nobody cries,
Nobody thinks I'm a wonderful guy.
So, if you ask me who's my best friend, in a whiz,
I'll stand up and tell you NOBODY is!
But yesterday night I got quite a scare
I woke up and Nobody just WASN'T there!
I called out and reached for Nobody's hand,
In the darkness where Nobody usually stands,
Then I poked through the house, in each cranny and nook,
But I found SOMEBODY each place that I looked.
I searched till I'm tired, and now with the dawn,
There's no doubt about it-

i have quoted him before: here, here and here.


Rachel said...

I love your pretty self portrait.
I first learned of shel silverstein when my greta was a babe. We all love his books.
And to respond to your question about the gypsy in me, well before 2 years ago when we started traveling for Zach's work, I had never stayed out of Southern CAlifornia for more than 2 weeks at a time. But I have always loved traveling as has Zach, so these opportunities (we've had no choice really) to work and live in these amazing places for months at a time have been a real treat. Of course, having the children at an age where their friends are so important to them has been hard. They get really homesick after about month 2. Thankfully here in Nola we have a few friends, even a friend from Los Angeles is nearby! But they long for home...which makes me long for home as well. In between jobs I stay in LA with the kids at least 2 months so they can enjoy home for a while. Zach always goes onto the next show before us, so we'll miss him for a few weeks sometimes. It's really a tough balance. We need and want to stay together as a family and turn these opportunities for travel into fun learning adventures for all of us, but on the other hand, the constant moving can be exhausting physically and emotionally.
Overall, we have managed quite well and I keep their life and rhythm the same wherever we go ( as much as I can). I have a feeling that my Greta will be a gypsy like you, she seems to have the love for travel in her blood.
I would just love for his job to take us to Europe! Now that would be an adventure.
We have 2 more weeks in New Orleans which is bittersweet because we love this city so much. We've come to know it well and made such great friends.
Have a great day and thank you for your always inspiring blog. Will you make a book of your photos someday? Please? I will but it.


Julia da Franca said...

"sometimes it would be great to leave yourself behind, only for an hour or two" this sentence hits me deeply.
dear sara thanks again for sharing something very touching and thank you for mr.silverstein, have to order some books right now, because i don't know him!!
(yes, seems like i'm living under a rock...)
love+big hug, julia

Monica said...

to leave one's self behind! love it. and fun poem.

i like the portrait capture too.

Pascale said...

This self portrait is perfect !
A real scene behind you...

Marit van Overschot said...

Geniaal zelfportret en erg mooie tekst, complimenten!

M. said...


Yaelian said...

Oj så jag tycker om den där bilden!

Natalia Ramirez said...

beautiful room!!!

elianne said...

een mooie tekst is ook een zelfportret

Rachel said...

I forgot to mention, I do believe that Instagram is only iPhone friendly right now but soon to be Android friendly. Thats all I know! You use either?

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
I love this picture. May I have the permission to print it? I'd love to frame it.

Great poem of Mr Silverstein!

Love to you
x Ariane.

till-vidas-ara said...

Vilket underbart självporträtt käraste du!!! Älskar den där spegeln, i bakgrunden och så vackra du. vilken klänning. ser ut som i en roman. och den där dikten säger så mycket tänkvärt. allt blir ju verkligen vad man gör det till. varje morgon när jag vaknar numera..säger jag till mig själv, att "idag väljer jag att vara lycklig" och oftast blir det aldleles precis så. tankens kraft är hisnande i sitt möjliggörande...

kram Lycke

lamediterrània said...

Ahà! I have to Photograpf myself this week because I've been asked to do a series of self-portraits in chinese ink, pencils, and a big oil... I honestly do not hAve enough ego to photograph myself, so it's taking me too long.
Not like you, you always take such beautiful pictures of yourself taking pictures which is a nice redundancy... I loved the text, and i'm sure that if Nadine from woolfenbell passes by, she'll love it too.
For me, it talks about loneliness (in case I didn't misunderstand it) but kind of a warm one. I like being alone sometimes, I enjoy time on my own, it helps me to get to know myself better and discover my inside. And your text made me think of those times in whih we think we have nobody, or we hate ourselves for something, and then we go back to us, we realise how important it is to love oneself to let others love you.
Thank you for the little reflecting time, it's been great stopping by (as it always is in tour beautiful blog) big kisses!

Merel said...

die foto is geweldig. Met de dames op de achtergrond en een verdwaalde arm. Dat toch zo'n klein spiegeltje zoveel kan laten zien!

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag hjärtar verkligen dina kort.

sarapirat said...

thank you for this lengthy answer. it is very interesting to read about it. and to see different, less conventional ways of living life. especially life with children. what exactly does zach do? i thought he was making films but then i see you also write show's? and apart from the children, what about you, do you get homesick easily? please do come to europe, that is closer! we could make a huge blog happening/meeting!
love to you!
p.s id love to make a book! who knows? maybe one day? and i do not have instagram, my phone is from the stone age, so i am afraid i can't follow you either, that is too bad!

i hardly know of him, and i never read any of his books, but i would love to! just recently read one of his quotes and i do know the book 'the giving tree' which is a beautiful story, both for children and grown ups/. love to you!

monica, cheers! ♥

pascale,thank yoU! yep, a real wedding scene! :)

marit, dankjewel!


yaelian, tack!

natalia, yes a very beautiful room. like in a fairytale.

elianne, dat is waar...

ariane, you have my permission! :) to me it is an honor! love

lycke, jag har inspirerats av ditt mantra. säger detsamma. idag väljer jag att vara lycklig! tack för dina ord, du träffar alltid rätt, kära du. och jag kan föreställa mig dig där i rummet, i en utav dina blommiga klänningar! kramar

lamedi, i see what you mean. i find i have the trust to photograph myself like this, but not to be in front of the camera. i guess because i am still in control this way... :) so it is the most comfortable way for me, to be on the picture. perhaps that idea can help you? that you are choosing? how to portrait yourself?
yes, for me it is also about loneliness. and about being friends with that lonely place which exists within all of us. easier said then done..but once it works, i think we are much happier. love to you dear!

merel, ja, bijzonder is dat. soms zie ik het pas daarna...liefs

miss ud, tack, du gör mig glad, hur går det med kursen?

nathalie et cetera said...

it is beautiful! i very seldom take self portrait. maybe I should try sometimes...

s said...

hej du där! inte visste jag att du gillar Shel S? eller har du sagt det och mitt minne sviker? han är ju en hjälte, ända sen jag började lyssna på Dr Hook (mitten av 1870-tal.. förlåt 1970-talet). Ritade ganska bra också. Kul! Lyssnade t ex på Sylvias mother så sent som i lördags, blir alltid gråtmild över den...

sarapirat said...

nathalie, try! it can be fun! and the result is not important...

s, det är en ny grej...upptäckte honom för något år sedan men har egentligen inte läst något förutom quotes. vad rekommenderar du? kram