Sunday, January 8, 2012

once upon a time


if there are times when i doubt why taking this humongous amount of pictures in life, there are those moments watching old photos from once upon a time that makes me extremely convinced of why capturing them to begin with. it is so much fun looking at the past of my parents through photos, and with a mother who has a memory of an elephant it becomes even more of an experience. so do photograph, and save some for the coming generation!


Yaelian said...

Man kan tydligt se att du liknar din mamma:) Härlig bild:)

elianne said...

Las net een artikel over de hoeveelheid foto's die mensen nu maken. Geweldige foto zeg. Geloof dat ik ook een olifantenmoeder ben.
Schrijf het op de achterkant. Heb geen moeder meer aan wie ik kan vragen en daarmee zijn sommige foto 's zonder verhaal.

lamediterrània said...

How lovely, like all those pictures in your memory, you must have such a beautiful archive. I'd love to watch all those pictures accompanied by a story, or while making up a story of my own for those. I sometimes like to do that with the pictures you publish, the fields, the sun, all the people in them... To me, you have a wonderful life full of beauty :)

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

yes, love to take those trips down photo memory lane too. wonderful photo!

i've texted you to a wrong number. where are you right now? north or in tlv? i really wanted to meet for that coffee.

will try and go see if i can find the right number in the old emails :)

till-vidas-ara said...

Ååh vilken härlig härlig bild. vad vackra de är! jag tänker lika om foton..det där till de efterkommande eller för kommande år alltså! har alltid varit tokig i att glo i mormors och farmors gamla album och fråga om alla där..fantisera..mmm, och älskar se mamma o pappa som unga! har tyvärr inte många foton själv. de flesta hos pappa i Skellefteå!
skickar fina tankar till dig. här är förkylt och långsamt..


martita said...

sara!!i totally agree, there's nothing better than going through old pictures!!i always think i should make some photo albums with the best pictures from a whole year, for example...i'm sure my children (and myself!) would love to see them in the future!!
i look forward to a 2012 full of pictures of yours!! i love them!! besos

Theresa said...

I agree. You have a gift for photography! I am glad you take so many :)

outi said...

that´s so true. it is fascinating to look the old photos. especially from ones own childhood.

Just so much more photos on these digi days. i´m always thinking of making some order, and delete something, but so far just thinking..

Patrice A. said...

er zijn niet zoveel foto's in mijn familie van vroeger, wel dia's
die dia-avonden waren enorm leuk!
er is door verhuizingen en waterschade veel verloren gegaan
zo jammer

Pascale said...

yeaaaaaaaaaah, i totally agree... i just loooooove watching old pictures...

demie said...

i have only a few photos with my family as a child. somebody stole lots of things from my moms place in greece sometime ago. among them our life in pictures. well, i`m at least a bit happy i dont have any photos from my teenage years ; )

love the clothing in that photo
and you do look a lot like your mother : )

annika said...

Vilken härlig bild! Och vi har också så otroligt mycket bilder hemma, men jag är så glad åt det. Det är sådan rikedom. Kram

s said...

hej, vilken fantastisk bild! i Odinslund, va?

Anne said...

helemaal mee eens! heerlijk, oude foto's kijken!

Julia da Franca said...

how very interesting to read and what a lovely picture.
i almost can't stand it to look at my past in pictures. to many persons i miss. but i'm happy for everyone who can enjoy it! love, julia

Beauty Follower said...

Really nice picture!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful post & beautiful photo!

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear lovely Sara, first of all: I wish you a really fantastic new year and all the best for you!
And I agree, without photos we forget so many (wonderful) moments of our past and a little sneak peek into the past from time to time is so intriguing, thats why I started to make collages out of them!
O.k. I turn them into a complete new context but thats another story...

sarapirat said...

yaelian, va roligt att du ser det! kram

elianne, ja, wij maken VEEL VEEL fotos... leuk met olifantenmoeders! :) ik moet eigenlijk ook dingen opschrijven. en beter organiseren.

lamedi, yes, a gorgeous archive and sometimes also a sad and ugly one but still it is my life. it would be fun to meet and to tell each other they stories we have in our head. thank for your words!

trinsch, i texted you back but not sure you got it? id love to meet up for a coffee, perhaps on thursday afternoon?

lycke, jag tänkte att jag vill ta fler dia bilder efter att ha sett dom här. och att det är synd att dom bara finns i datorn. att det vore fint att skriva ut flera. eller att börja fota med film igen, som jag gjorde länge! krya på dig fina. kram

martita, you could make those picture books on the net when you print it afterwards and then you have your own photobook! that would make a great memento....besos♥

theresa, thank you! even though lately i feel like a lousy one hahhaa!

outi, i think exactly the same. to take less. to clean and order more. and perhaps to go back to film again...oh one fine day perhaps?!

patrice, oh ja wat jammer. dit was ook van een dia avond! gewelldig!
ook het geluid van de projector..ah!

pascale, old..and new ones! i love them all. so much inspiration and imagination for me in watching photos.

demie, how come?! it can be great to see ourselves, even in the worst moments, a while later? even though i know exactly how you feel from watching some of mine from the age of 17, man, what a shock! :)

annika, ja när man har en man som är fotograf, åh vad roligt, vill gärna komma och drömma över era bilder! kram

s, nej, vendel såklart! ;)

anne, oude en nieuwe. the more the merrier! bijna!

julia, wow, strong words. missing is so sad. and inevitable in life. big warm hug

beauty follower, thank you and welcome!

sally, thank you so much!

dear bee, thank you, well that different story of yours is very interesting, intriguing and fascinating indeed! was funny to recognize you in julias post before knowing..the blogworld is
small! ♥