Wednesday, January 4, 2012

greetings from a ragdoll

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there is something morbid about forgotten dolls. it looks somewhat like a crime scene. and i feel a little bit like a worn ragdoll again, it happens every now and then. perhaps it has to do with the intensity of changing countries, spending lots of time with different people, missing my flight, and getting that weird brain frequency which sums up to thinking in strange paths and patterns.

thinking about it some more, it would suit me more being a worn barbapapa then a ragdoll.

i hope you guys will check out my last post and join my new addiction. and that the beginning of 2012 has been good to you. remember that the winter is not over, better accepting (enjoying) it than fighting it! coffee, anyone?


Makeminemidcentury said...

Oh no! Are they all abandoned dolls? How tragic!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

yes, it's equally creepy and sad to see an old forgotten doll.

yes, coffee, please! when are you back? you missed a flight/

fröken L said...

När jag såg rubriken tänkte jag på katterna först, tog du några bilder där?

Ariane Reichardt said...

Coffee? yes, please,
dear Sarapapa!
Oh, if I find such a forgotten doll I ever have to sit them up, order their clothes (if they wear some)... or else it seems too cruel.

I can imagine how it feels with such many impressions of different countries, people, languages, sounds and signs... Its good if you are able to feel your inner home. Sometimes it helps only to sit down on (your pretty) bottom.

But whom I'm telling that? you're a pro-traveller!

So, Coffee? Yes, please, with milk and sugar... and then slouch on a sofa.


fru a said...

tur att vi vet att Mattias inte är övergiven :) tejpad, förvisso, men inte övergiven!

elianne said...

terwijl ik je blog opzoek, belt de postbode aan. Hoe toevallig kan dat zijn. En wat een fijn pakketje! ben er heel blij mee ( het ruikt zelfs lekker)

martita said...

sí!!!i would love to have a cup of coffee and tell each other stories. your life seems to me really really interesting, inspiring and nomad. did you arrive to your destination (israel?) safe?? lots of kisses from spain guapa!!

outi said...

uuuu, i have to admit i dont like those dolls so much. i never had one when i was a kid (neither do i have now..) i had animal toys. i somehow cared about those more. and Barbabas i have always liked:)

hey and Happy New Year! It´s going to be great <3

Patrice A. said...

sterk met veel melkschuim graag
beetje kaneel erover
mooi lepeltje erbij


P.S. ik heb alle goede voornemens
en doelen gelezen
filmpje bekeken
en een stem uitgebracht
dat de wereld mooier mag worden
vandaag glimlach ik naar iedereen
die ik tegenkom op straat

sarapirat said...

carmel, hehehe, yes at least more or less abandoned!

trinsch, it is, creepy. i am back and would love to have a coffee before i leave again. how about next week monday? in the afternoon?

frkn l, nej jag gjorde inte det. du? vill se dina bilder

ariane, that is sweet, i will invite you to be their caretaker! and the inner home is a good point. that is actually the challenge to begin with!
coffee sounds good and i will be coming to berlin, not super close to you, but i will still tell you about it! love

fru a, nej precis. tejpad men inte övergiven. det kunde vara sämre! :)

elianne, oh wat leuk! wel heel erg veel tijd gekost maar ja...het kwam wel heel snel naar dat ik het op de postbus heb gedaan!

martita, one day we will find a coffeedate, right? to share the stories. also very curious about you! and yes, i least my body did. :)

outi, i used to have a few dolls but these days i find them pretty scary like you. like chukkie! did you see that movie? are you back home yet btw? happy new year! love

sarapirat said...

patrice, oh wat leuk, ben benieuwd naar je stem!
en trouwens, ik heb mooie lepeltjes (nederlandse) voor onze koffie-date!

outi said...

i haven´t seen the film, but seen some photos from it. uuh, maybe also not my film;)

Back home again. and the real winter just started! finally snow also here in the coast! and -10. i like:)

till-vidas-ara said...

Underbart *****

love Lycke