Thursday, January 26, 2012


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berlin is already far away, i have slept in three different beds *and surfed some couches*, cuddled my friends little son and met new friendly people since then. i hardly had time to photograph and my cable is lost in my mobile home, the suitcase. so i treat you with some leftover berlin memories, just to let you know that i did not forget you. and now i am entering lalaland. any second now.


demie said...

the last photograph made me long for spring...
and which country is called lalaland????

outi said...

hello there! looks like you had wonderful time in Berlin:)
What did you like the best in there?

greetings from the snowy North, snow snow more snow all the time.. <3

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

berlin, friends, coach surfing ... sounds wonderful. what's lalaland?

Patrice A. said...

dag sara!
ja, amaryllis
ik plant de bollen in november
en meestal bloeien ze dan met kerst
maar dit jaar waren ze later

jammer dat je niet naar Utrecht komt
maar door je foto's heb ik wel
veel zin gekergen in Berlijn
en die laatste heeft
de belofte van de lente
in zich


Gracia said...

Greetings from own lala land, Berlin leftovers are swell by me.

Marguerite said...

oh die bloemetjes, wat kijk ik uit naar de lente!

Marguerite said...

(al hoop ik eigenlijk ook nog altijd op sneeuw!)

lamediterrània said...

We know you didn't!
Beautiful pictures as always, that leave me warm, soft feelings.
Big kisses and enjoy your neverending trips!

martita said...

well i typed "lalaland" in google and the dictionary tells me it is "A state of mind characterized by unrealistic expectations or a lack of seriousness" but i'm not really sure you meant this lalaland?? might be another lalaland ;)
but i'm sure you'll enjoy it!! i'll enter soon the lalaland of unrealistic expectations if i think of the exam i have next week hehe.

sarapirat said...

demie, well, i have my own version of lalaland which is dreamland. or the state of mind you are in when you are slightly above reality, mixing real and unreal.
spring will come my dear, soon!

outi, wow, good questions, i love the run down parts, the roughness to it, while being very proud and full of integrity. the eastern parts, the cozy coffees and alternative places. i am so happy to be in sweden now when there is a real winter! compared to xmas. love to you

trinsch, it is! was! is! with lalaland i mean my state of mind while dreaming or mixing unconscious with my conscious.
but this is my version of the word...

patrice, ja jammer met utrecht, maar misschien toch naar nl? of naar berlijn? wie weet het?! ik heb wel zin daarin! ik hou je op de hoogte! liefs

gracia, enjoying the lala's? :)

marguerite, ja ik ook. maar geniet nu van wit en sneeuw.

lamedi, thank you and bacios back.

martita, i think this also fits into my definition, even though i use it more for dreamland. but i like this and there is a big core of truth in it! wow, good luck with your exams. sending you strength for them. bacio♥

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Thank you for these photos!!