Thursday, January 12, 2012

a few details

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this week i fell in love with the sink in my friends bathroom, it must be my affection for wabi-sabi which makes me fall in love with broken sinks and floors. i also got a bottle of whiskey which tastes oh so good, and there is nothing like drinking whiskey while listening to the rain. we are waiting and hoping for snow, can you imagine?! olive trees, cactus and white, powdery snow. it is a pretty and impressive sight once it happens.

and here some great kitsch and schmaltz to listen to on rainy, wintery days while drinking whiskey. be well, stay warm!    


Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Du och din syster är VERKLIGEN lik din mamma. :-)

demie said...

love the first tile photo! i have a thing with old tiles too... my grandma had a house full of those. on the floors, in the bathroom,on the wall as decoration...
on that other photo, the one with the shelves the picture on the top could have been me!!!

i don`t like whiskey but i get the feeling.
i sounds cozy and wonderful

love from the north dear : )

Karin said...

Oh, all those spices. Beautiful! Great shots.

martita said...

querida sara, so beautiful details you're showing!! i like as well when things look a little bit decadent and old, like the 1st pic and the sink!! and i love the pic with the shelves and the bottles of wine! can i live there pls? :) unfortunately i'm not that fan of whiskey, i prefer rum, when i was in cuba there's was one kind that was even tasting sweet! amazing.
i'm in exams now so my life is happening more between books... but i'm coming for a quick visit to germany at the end of the month :). sending you muchos besos!!

outi said...

oh, but how will the plants take this that there comes snow? they don´t get frozen?
i would like to have more snow. this has been so weird winter so far...

i got a bottle of port wine. that one i like too! but it has to wait on the kitchen shelf for a while now..
Stay warm you too!

Yaelian said...

Så du är här igen,och fina bilder.Det har varit ordentligt kallt på morgonen,och Bambi knappast vill gå ut! Hoppas det snöar...Kram:)

till-vidas-ara said...

Vad du och jag är lika ibland. jag älskar också det där operfekt, spruckna..blir billigt med mig på affärer ibland för jag köper gärna redan trasigt :) och allt det andra också..regn snö..fina whiskyn, fast det var det länge sen jag smakade. har haft det så långsamt och lite deppigt idag. nu fick jag lite magi tillbaka..tack ***

kramar i kubik och på alla sätt, Lycke

Iris Vank said...

Mooi, al die vlakken! Ik kan het me bijna niet voorstellen, Israël in de sneeuw. Aan jouw foto's te zien is het er in elk seizoen mooi. Als onze verbouwing achter de rug is (ooit..) lijkt het mij een prachtige vakantiebestemming!

Patrice A. said...

fijne plaatjes
die laatst foto mijn favoriet
daar kun je de kou al in zien
een goed port is voor mij
een fijne afsluiting van de dag!

heel fijn weekend

nathalie et cetera said...

Lovely series again. I realize that i embrace the wabi-sabi philosophy without knowing what it meant before just now. :)

Marguerite said...

mmm al die nootjes en kruiden en thee en mmmm

Saphia-Resa said...

I also like whiskey, winter and listening to the rain. And your images. They are beautiful. Thank you a lot for the wishes and the hug. Lovely greets, Saphia ♥

sarapirat said...

miss ud, visst är vi? gör mig glad!

demie, maybe it is your soul sister? from somewhere else... do you have photos from your grandmothers house? would love to see her tiles! love back!

karin, thank you! those spices are inviting right?

martita, dear, it is my friends house but perhaps you can join her there?! it is a very nice place...there is also some swedish mulled wine on the shelves, you might enjoy that! where in germany will you be??!! i am going there too! ♥

outi, well, usually the snow never lasts for long. lets see. so far we did not get any, but further north there is plenty!
and i used to love port. den som väntar på något gott, as they say in sweden.. :)

yaelian, brrrr, ja väldigt kallt! hur har du haft det dom här stormiga regniga dagarna? mysigt va?! kram

lycke, kanske får jag bjuda dig på whiskey någon gång...kanske en mildare variant, med varm choklad och vispgrädde? jag hoppas att du är mindre deppig? kramar

iris, ja kom naar israel, en laat mij weten als het gebeurt! het zou super tof zijn!

patrice, ik was ook vroeger een fan van port. vooral toen ik in rotjeknor woonde. lekker!

nathalie, thank you! isn't it interesting, wabi sabi? and those two words, so funny!

marguerite, ja heel lekker!
ik voel mij als amelie in de film, ik wil mijn handen daarin stoppen.

saphia, thank you so much! hope you are warm and happy.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
you have a great eye for details... and moments of course.

Because of Berlin I've sent you a Email.


Jenny said...

Åh, barndomsbilden, superfin. De är fina, verkligen, först tänkte jag att det var din äldsta syster, innan jag såg att det var mamman. Tusen tack för ditt brev, det muntrade upp. väldigt gulligt fat. Här är det snuvigt och tjockt i näsan. Trött. Kramar!

Merel said...

heel mooi, de details in je foto's, zeker als het verval betreft. Mijn schoonmoeder zou gaan gillen bij die wasbak... maar ik vind 'm heel sfeervol (-:

penelope said...

pretty batch of photos. and you topped it off with a sip of agreement. cheers