Friday, January 14, 2011


i posted a few pictures on this topic a while back. and since then, the recycled collection has grown, only i have very little picture proof of it at this very moment.

have you heard about the waste hierarchy? reduce, reuse and recycle.

according to the waste hierarchy we should/could first of all try to reduce our consumption, and to use less in general.reminded me of the ‘buy nothing day’ and of how i was handing out flyers against consumerism on the dutch equivalent a few years ago. i would say we need to consume less every day of the year and not just one, but it is a start as good as any.

buynothingdaypic ikheballesal-th

secondly, we should/could try to reuse. giving items ( bought 2nd hand or received from give and take markets etc)another life cycle. this is easy enough, just think thrift stores. flea markets. side walks. containers. basements. granny’s attic. peoples closets. there are plenty of treasures to be found, ready for a new life, as long as we keep our eyes open.


and last but not least on the list of hierarchy we have recycle. to take wasted materials, process them and thereby creating something new. composting is a great example of recycle. and in this case, it even counts as upcycling, since the utility after is equal or higher than the waste matter.


that’s it for now! a little mini-lecture from my side. check out elisabeths place for more posts on recycle. have a lovely weekend!


Yaelian said...

Bra post Sara! Om de 3 R lärde jag för några år sedan på miljövänlighet-kursen.Bra att komma ihåg varje dag!

till-vidas-ara said...

Mycket gott du skriver fina du!!! Jag är riktigt bra på reuse och recycle tror jag mig kunna säga, det mesta man köper är ju loppis:))) men ibland konsumerar jag nog för då börjar jag må illa...så det har ju en baksida som jag inte gillar....då börjar jag lämna tillbaka saker istället..när jag kommer på att "det där var ju inte helt nödvändigt :)
Nu tar jag mig dock knappt på stan längre utan egen funderande bil och fogvärk, så det löser sig ju:)
Härlig med kakorna du fick...mer sådana goa!!!

fredagskramar Lycke

Elisabeth said...

This is religion. This is how I want to live. Amen.


Karen said...

There is something magical about using something with a history all its own. Looking at your picture of the clothes hanging on that rack, I think that Mom's are the first to recycle, passing on baby's clothes to a friend who in turn passes them on when they are outgrown. Using an old outgrown sweater for its yarn to knit something new is always fun too!

sarapirat said...

yaelian, absolut bra att komma ihåg! det fortsätter vi med...vilket fantastiskt åskväder vi hade igår?! hoppas på mer regn, som vanligt. kram

lycke, ah, fogvärkarna har sina fördelar helt enkelt! :) det är det som är så kruligt när man är i stan, den är ju liksom konstruerad på det sättet, att inspirera till konsumption, att det är väldigt svårt att låta bli. kram på dig

elisabeth, me too! amen och kramen

karen, hey there! i love things with a history. most of my favorite items, clothes and other things, i got from friends for instance. each time i use them, i am reminded of the people that gave it to me. it is like their atmosphere is still there, living in the item. i like that!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

What a great little post, Sara.

I should bookmark it and refer to it often ... this is the year I want to stop spending so much money (especially on rubbish) and save it instead.

Sometimes I shake my head thinking about all the things we think we need, and we can live much happier without.

junebug said...

I totally agree with the order. I've really been working hard on this to reduce more and more. :-)

sarapirat said...

mmmc, this is certainly the problem. we think they might solve something, all those things. that it will make us feel more satisfied. how did we become so easily fooled?

junebug, hello! and we will continue thinking this way, right?

Biomouse said...

Beautiful pictures full of life and a well taken lesson-I did much the same for weekword as well this time ;) So glad I found your blog and hoping you stop by mine for weekword next week.