Thursday, March 11, 2010



don’t die yet. please wait for me a bit.

there are so many things i still need to tell you. and to ask you. i wish i could be your pain relief, but i can’t.


Helena said...

kärlek, kramar och blommor

fru a said...

är du på väg dit? hinner ni ses? åh... jag är hemma imorgon, ringas?

fröken L said...

Försökte ringa...

trinsch said...

are you ok? i really hope everything is ok. i sense such a sadness in the last few posts. or maybe you're just being thoughtful... life has that effect sometimes.

i'd really love to meet you one day, you're so close :). can you email me to (funny, i get so personal on my blog, and yet, there are certain things i still feel the need to keep private).

and if you really are in a bad or sad or something place right now, then don't feel bad if you're not in the spirit - i'd totally understand :)

Fotograf Evelina Gustavsson said...


sarapirat said...

helena, tusen tack. det värmer

fru a, på väg, förmodligen, men jag tror inte hon vill. ringer dig nu!

frkn l, jag med. idag, imorgon?

trinsch, i am ok and not. extremely sad and also grateful inbetween. things are happening right now. i will mail you!

evelina, kram tillbaka.

outi said...

oh, i have no words.
i can only say i feel your pain, and i feel sympathy for you. take care Sara!