Thursday, June 4, 2009

this week’s favorites

IMG_5890 IMG_5626


summer is here. nectarines in yoghurt is my drug. potatoes, chives and butter is another. late night skype sessions makes me feel connected. sometimes i wonder what i will do when peak oil really happens, if you are there and i am here. will i walk? get myself a horse and carriage? it will take a few years before i arrive. still. how can i send you letters?

tonight sister a and sister l, i dreamt we went to Lapland with mum. and we ate spaghetti with bolognese in a an old folks home, which was also a flea market. *i dream a lot about flea markets, for some reason* i was drunk or just dizzy, falling on the shelves and the boxes of clothes in the flea market.

and again, it is the time of the month when i overdose on potassium. by now, i am convinced!


Yaelian said...

Vacker ny bannerbild!

Fru A said...

det lät ju rätt schysst! vi kanske skulle göra en sån resa..?