Tuesday, October 21, 2008

spread the knowledge

i want to make a collection of real useful knowledge. Do-It-Yourself tips. how to become more self sufficient. not having to rely on a system all the time, forcing you to buy 'solutions' and to buy 'help'.

knowledge which will work with nature and not against it.

everything, from 'housewife' tips to become your own doctor!

this is another helpful link i found, girls, you have to to check it out!


Karin said...

Skitbra ide! Jag ar med. Har ar en lank till ett miljovanligt alternativ till tamponger...


(kanske inte precis vad du menade i ditt inlagg, men bra anda tycker jag!)

sara said...

karin! kollade du in länken`?

jo, jag menade även dom där alternativen....det får bli en salig blandning.

jag har redan en menskopp!!! och är mkt nöjd med den... (får man skriva så på bloggen?, äh skit samma!)

tusen tack!