Wednesday, October 1, 2008


returning from the new years celebration in the south, we were like a refugee bus with a few persons in the bagage of the car, a dog squezzed inbetween, plenty of bags and boxes.
instead of arriving in about 2-3 hours, we made a roadtrip of about 7 hours, with a few sidetracks.
beach with kung fu lesson in nacholim,
homous and dolmas in pfaradis
organic dates and veggies in kfar yeshua
and last but not least,
a stop by the police in yagur
(where we managed to get away with hidden people in the back, and an unvalid driving license)

it was a nice, but long day


fru A said...

busigt! försökte ringa dig igår. puss!

fru A said...

jo, några nya bilder på flickr nu!