Monday, October 13, 2008

it will pass

it seemed like i was just there? this time of the month again!? oufff....
and tonight i decided, i will have to manage without painkillers. an extremely long shower (for my ecological footprint),a hotwater bottle tied around my waist, lots of tea, hot soup, a bag of crisps.
and now, i will dig in my treasure box to see if there might be some chocolate there.

so far, i am not doing too bad..
in the meantime, everyone is celebrating the 60th birthday of the kibbutz. happy bday!

and once again, it will pass.


r. said...

mhmm. ever tried the dark lindt chocolate experiments? say no and i might send you one.

strenght to you sara...
kiss, r.

sara said...

r, where are you? i tried both sms'ing and mailing you.

how are things?
big hug,s

fru A said...

stackars liten! hoppas det är bättre nu...