Friday, October 24, 2008

genes of smell

today, after returning from a little morning walk, i entered my house, and i was overwhelmed by memories. associations. childhood days.
at first, i couldn't figure out what exactly the smell reminded me of.
but after a few seconds, i realized it smelled exactly like my grandmothers house, 'fäbodarna', used to smell.

and i was reminded of my idea, to capture smells in all the jars i've collected the last couple of years. and then, i would have a museum of smells and scents. you could pop open a jar, stick your nose in there for a few seconds, and travel in time.


rainerito said...

hey misses.. i found what you need!
check your mail for the link, download, rightclick to choose extract file, then run set up to install. but hurry, it is just on today! kiss, r.

Marguerite said...

heb je ooit de film 'Harold and Maude' gezien? zo niet, doen! Maude heeft een geweldig geur-machientje!

annton beate Schmidt said...

this is exactly what the "memory jar" was about. we had collected culinary memories, recipes given to us by guests, like grandmother's apple cake or their favourite childhood soup, and then made five different sandwiches of the most common flavours of all memories together. the recipe papers were cut into small pieces & than put into like 100 jars. I planted Erica on it and closed them. so a fresh plant was growing out of collective memories. the "memory jar".