Thursday, May 22, 2008


before the tour i wrote down a few keywords for what is important while touring. just to keep in mind. somewhat like affirmation.
anyhow, i wrote down : patience, acceptance and keep it small. all of them extremely relevant.
halfway through this tour i realized what needed to be added: fibres!!!
i always wondered what goes wrong with my diet while touring, and thought that it had to do with more carb's, and as a matter of fact NO,
it is the decreased intake of fibres which is screwing up my system.
any suggestion for high fibre intake, easy to find all over the world?


anna said...

hmm, resa med en förpackning linfrö kanske?

fröken L said...

Doktorn ordinerar sparris!!! Linfrö, i a f hela, fungerar mest som bulkmedel...

sara said...

ah....som hittat! nasta resa packar jag med en pase linfro!