Saturday, May 24, 2008

look what the cat brought in???

oh, i more or less missed out on all of what milano is supposed to be like. tried to find a restaurant with a risotto milanese, but so far i only had one in zagreb..(yes, of all places)
but today i saw the huge, impressive cathedral of milano, and i walked abit in downtown, downtown. well, what can i say, amazing architecture, but not my cup of tea. all that louis vitton, consumption to its maximum, i felt like a ragdoll, but in the end of the day, i guess i prefer that to -fashionslave?
anyhow, tomorrow morning we pack our bags and go to padova. it seems more authentic, which suits me. i promised myself an early eve, but here i am, it is a quarter to three, i had italian beers and philosophical talks instead of sleeping.
bonna notte!


fröken L said...

Mmmm... risotto, måste nog laga det snart!
Hoppas att Padova blir härligt!

fru A said...

when in Milan... eller nåt!

Karin said...

jag forstar vad du menar... nar jag bodde i Florens kande jag mig ocksa lite som en slusk.. aven om jag inte hade velat vara annorlunda, med klackar och allt det dar