Tuesday, May 27, 2008

home sweet home

last stop; padova, lovely...such nice place. but i am happy to be back 'home', even just for a few days.
came home to a dirty home, but my garden, oh bliss, and a summer packet from miss pink with among other great things this cd which i am listening to right NOW:

had quite alot of those the last couple of days. (but this one made by els)

and ode to her dinners i m making bean dips, and quinoa salad italian style...

oy, it is good to be back in my own kitchen. the ritual of cooking slowly, preparing my own food is something i fully appreciate after two weeks of dining out. which is also a pleasure, when whoever cooked did it from the heart.
still without camera, so these are old pics, and the two first from the net.

bon appetite!

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