Sunday, May 4, 2008

may oh may

i made a few pillow cases. (i will make a good house wife one day)

look at this huge praying mantis! he's guarding my plant from lice.

dead sea mud spa in ga'aton

yuko the dragon

fur balls...

this will be our last week in the studio before the next tour. croatia, hungary and italy. im looking forward to meet some newly found friends in those places. and eat good food...

this morning i managed to walk into the wall, yes, i did. and now i have another ball on my upper lip, which hopefully won't turn into scar tissue as the other one. i tried to picture it, but the macro wouldn't let me.

thank you r for the small version of the eye picture!



Anonymous said...

hey i am going to b in belgrade from the 11th to the 25th of this month. not too far away from croatia in some respect... when r u there?

anna said...

vilka fina örngott! oh ja, du är god-hustru-material, du med... ;)