Sunday, February 9, 2014



a week before I leave to france. two weeks since I returned from sweden. trying to collect, recharge, prepare myself, and at the same time the wish for just being, spending time with friends, feeling close before going far. no matter how much I need change, I am also constantly confronted with my difficulty to make transitions.


Iris Vank said...

Ik kan het me helemaal voorstellen. Mooi en moeilijk tegelijk! x

Jael said...

Ha det så bra i Frankrike.Är du länge borta?

chasing lightning bugs said...

I haven't been to your blog in quite a while. But I love it. Fresh and real and simple. Thank you :)

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

a transition is like that, no matter how often. it also means you live these. i think that's brave, and rewarding.
i feel winter in your posts.

Barbara said...

wishing you all the best in france! looking forward seeing it through your eyes!

Andreia said...

Hi Sara,

Leaving is always hard, no matter if it is for 1 week or´s always difficult being somewhere else and not in our comfort zone. You know something, we always doubt how strong we´re and how capable we´re of doing things and accomplish goals.
The hardest part is leaving, the travel but after that, things are so much easy, you´re full of optimism and the insecurities are gone. For 5 years i´ve been spending my life in one city during the week and my hometown in weekends...after 5 years is always sad saying goodbye to my parents.
It´s always hard.
Just wanted to cheer you up a bit and don´t worry, everything is going to be fine. You just have to think positive :)
By the way, don´t know if you have seen it yet but i´ve answered your question in my blog.
Have a nice week.

Anne said...

"feeling close before going far", wat mooi gezegd! En zeker herkenbaar. Waar ga je heen in Frankrijk?

Magdalena Sander said...

Sara, how long will you stay there? wish you a time full of treasures and hope france will welcome you the best it can! big hugs!

Patrice A. said...

hm... altijd lastig
komen en weggaan
ze horen bij elkaar
en misschien tot ziens, snel?
je koffie is op :^((
ik mis het en heb het
nog niet kunnen vinden hier
misschien op het internet?


querido diário said...

Well said Sara...same here*

annika said...

Åh Sara, jag är likadan med att förflytta mig hit och dit. Kramar och lugn-och-ro kommer här!

outi said...

hello there. i kind of know the feeling, coming and going. and the difficulties.

still; bon voyage, enjoy! and take care <3

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Jag gillar att röra på mig men ibland måste jag bara få vara... blir trött av alla intryck måste samla mig.

sarapirat said...

iris, inderdaad!

jael, jag blir borta drygt 5 veckor totalt men ska även till holland efter frankrike.

chasing lightning bugs, nice to see you again! :) thank you

nadine, you are right, maybe. living them. it was quite wintery those days. but springy now. xx.

barbara, thank you! :) will share i hope.

andreia, thank you for your words, they do support and remind me of the important points. i got your answers, thank you very much! :) a little bit slow on interneting these days.

anne, ik ben in istres. vlak bij marseille. maar ik kom ook naar nederland, zin in te meeten?

magdalena, this time i will spend two weeks in france and then two to three in the netherlands. will be back in france in end of april again!

patrice, jaaaa! niet zo ver weg! hoe ziet je dagen uit daar, begin maart? liefs

sara, <3

annika, tack det behövs! kramar till dig

outi! hey there, so nice to see you! how are you??? hugs

miss ud, jag håller med, känner ofta så, vet inte vad man ska göra av allt....

Damianne Langedijk said...

Wat een fijne foto`s!