Thursday, February 27, 2014

bright morning


thursday, friday and then the first chapter of france is finished. I will continue to the netherlands. what a challenging couple of weeks! it feels like my head is in need of some extra hard drive space… and my body would do with a massage!?

how are you out there?


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
your hugs arrived :)))
Thank you, Hon!

I am a little upset, 'cause even my comment disappeared... lost in space.
I have told you, that I see a movie looking at your pics.... and that especially the last pic is very crammed with impulses: surreal, soft and edged, nature and concrete, vivid and abondoned, or empty?

And here? Wonderful play with shadow !

Netherlands in Spring... wonderful idea ;-)
Calming down, sweet, lovely gathering...

Hope this will arrive
Big hug!
xo Ariane

annika said...

Lite trött och seg. Men det verkr alla vara den här gråvädersdagen. Kramar och safe trip till Nederländerna!

Patrice A. said...

lieve sara,
de foto's van frankrijk in deze post en de vorige zijn prachtig
het ziet er al zo warm en zomers uit, mmmm
en vandaag kwam je post, dankjewel!!!!

tot snel, tot snel!
en misschien wil je wel een nachtje blijven?
laat maar weten ;^)))


Anne said...

Geniet van de laatste franse daagjes en van de laatste croissantjes! En laat maar weten of het lukt om te meeten daarna :) Bon week-end!

Anonymous said...

oh, a massage would be great. the only thing keeping me alive these days are frequent yoga sessions. xoxo

querido diário said...

hardest month since June last year,but i will survive the storm*

sarapirat said...

ariane, happy they did!
i like your use of words, so many good ones i forget, vivid, abandoned, gathering...
will incorporate them this week. not in use but for real, if you get what i mean! hugs back

annika, kramar tillbaka. här lite flygsliten. och pustar ut efter två veckors intensivt arbetande. kramar

patrice, was ook heel warm! en lente! ben een beetje vergeeten dat het hier zo koud zou zijn....daardoor. dus ik heb het koud vandag. wat goed dat de koffie is gekomen! ik mail je over dagen enzo! liefs

anne doe ik! :) liefs.

petra, looking forward to a lesson tomorrow. taught by my lovely friend!

sara, oh...i send you a warm hug. to keep warm in the storm.

Andreia said...


Those photos gave such cozy feeling. The shadows in your room are great...nice shadow play you did :)
I´m glad your week in France was good and i wish you good luck for the upcoming week. Have fun :)
Your body and head needs to rest. Take that time for yourself and allow your body to recover and rest. You´re a dancer and your body has special have to relax your muscles and increase your nutrients intake to prevent and avoid lack of nutrients. Take that time for yourself and if your body begs you for rest or more food, just do it. You´ll wake up feeling much better :)
Happy week.