Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on a tuesday


pastel colors and careful spring in the air. the almonds are blossoming, just like were I came from.

at night I sleep like a corpse with my fingers interlaced, resting on my chest, but I wake up often cause I dream and digest. my body is sore, so much quick movement, trying to compensate with magnesium and french cheese… perhaps the latter will do more wonders for my soul.


Jael said...

Hoppas fransk ost hjälper;D Kram!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful, Sara, as always!

Fröken Stök said...

Jag förstår ditt fladder, med allt som är nytt.
Jag hoppas du landar i en trygghet och i dina andetag.. Du känns genast lite närmre, konstigt nog.

Skickar kärlek och styrka!

querido diário said...

Your write beautifully Sara :)
Were are you now?

Katie Yang said...

So jealous :) Have fun, Sara!

sarapirat said...

jael, jag tror det gör det! :)

sally, thank you dear!

fröken stök, jag försöker meditera om mornarna. känner mig också närmre. kramar och tack.

sara, in the south of france! very pretty here... thank you!

katie, thank you, i will! :)

Anne said...

mooi in pastel...amuse-toi bien!

anna said...

fransk ost, det är grejer det! /gammal paris-bo

Andreia said...

Hej Sara,

Those tiny flowers are so special and they´re blooming here as well some blueish flowers i don´t know it´s name.
Let bananas, chard and leafy greens be your best friends to fight back that lack of magnesium...banana shakes are great for that and i hope you don´t have leg cramps because that hurts a lot :s
And of course, enjoy all that good cheese (and wine) :)
Less is more quite often to me too. I know you have fun and most of all, i can see how passionate you´re about dance...let all your happiness shine trough your movements and face. Make those emotions alive, it makes life more beautiful and as a dancer, it is contagious and melt other people´s hearth :) big emotions!
I´m glad my words helped you, they come from the bottom of my heart. Thinking positive makes positive things happen :)
Have fun in France and take some time to yourself, your body needs to rest and you´re not the only one...my back and feet are begging for a day spent in a lazy mood, in bed and without doing nothing...just sleep and eat lool those days have it´s charm too :)

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

i'm scrolling up and down, as usual. you are / have been busy touring? i like you mementoes in between. great value, n♥
thxs for your comments, sara. much appreciated. x