Monday, June 24, 2013



three things worth watching: 1 ( I am longing for my sourdough!) 2 (via via one of my recently discovered favorite blogs) 3 (about simplicity, and the need for a home) and a fourth thing to listen to: 4.

(sometimes a few hours seems like a little eternity, a whole new reality. I feel like I spend so much time with myself. there is me, and there is the surrounding. I almost turn transparent while walking the streets. me observing and reflecting upon the city. going to sleep listening to my own heartbeat and the tram bells down the road)

did I tell you that we start every morning with 2 hours of yoga? bliss! only the thought of it makes me jump out of bed! bon nuit.


Iris Vank said...

Dat klinkt heerlijk. Geniet ervan! x

Magdalena Nowak said...

<3 there (s)he is! the pirat in sara!

Nanna said...

Dina bilder <3 och du.. Så kul att se lite av dig. Och vad är det för vackert du har på dig? Yoga åh.... Ta hans om dig! Kram

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I am so excited for you! Montpellier is such a beautiful place & yoga 2 hours every morning!? What could be better!

petal and plume said...

goodness, i just adore your pretty photos and pretty words

HAMPTON SC said...

Disfruta de tu trabajo y ese tiempo sólo para ti.
Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros!

Anikó said...

me-time in a beautiful city and morning yoga - sounds like heaven! those french fruits must be so delicious

annton beate Schmidt said...

sara, you gave me a moment of such link-pleasure. how cute that house and so, so true. we need a a shelter not a fortress. and the watercolored bliss. thank you for a cup of coffee emjoyed with them. and you go on and enjoy france!

annika said...

Åh Sara! Två timmars yoga varje morgon, det är skönt för själen. Och kroppen! Fick sådan längtan till Frankrike när jag tittar på dina bilder. Och den fina blå klänningen... Kramar!

Monica G. M said...

there's nothing like something that makes you jump out of bed. or in my case, crawl out enthusiastically. lol

fruit in the bathroom sink? a natural beauty remedy?

querido diário said...

Hello there :)

love your dress and the fact that your job starts with two hours of yoga <3 sounds like paradise to me!

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures! make me wanna wander over there!

Anne said...

Jaaa daar ben ik weer! Terug na de radio stilte :) Ben je in Frankrijk? Wat leuk, profites-en bien :) Nog veel meer van dit soort mooie foto's ajb! Mocht je toevallig ook nog langs Amsterdam komen deze zomer, geef me dan een seintje! Liefs!

sarapirat said...

iris, :) dankjewel!

magdalena, arrrgggh! coming and going this pirate.

nanna, jag har faktiskt min kostym för föreställningen på mig. jag fick välja själv, och fullkomligt älskar den. kramar

sally, yes, indeed so beautiful this city! and the yoga..AHAAHAAAHH! and such a wonderful teacher aswell. feeling grateful.

petal and plume, thank you! :) welcome.

hampton, thank you, i am happy to be able to share with you all.

aniko, oh yes, the apricots have so much flavor.

annton, happy you liked the links, often ithink people have no energy to click on them, including my self at times... :)beautiful day to you!

annika, ja, både min kropp och min själ skuttar glädjeskutt! vilken bonus! wow! kramar

monica, hahha, well, since we are sharing a kitchen, i keep some things in the room (so it is closer to my mouth, :) and while washing the fruit it looked so pretty to me, that i had to take a photo... :)

sara, yes, heaven! sometimes a painful heaven, but the good kind of pain. the dress is my costume! i am a little bit in love with it!

anne, zou ik zou graag willen, effe langs amsterdam bedoel ik. zo leuk dat je terug bent, echt echt?! ik wil fotos zien van je roadtrip...liefs

s said...

oj, bra & kul-igen...surdegar vet jag inget om, och brukar sky dom. men de tre andra tipsen var kanon. Phosphorensccents, aldrig hört talas om, och så bra. Tack! och roligt att du snart besöker den ljusa nord. ser fram mot att träffa dig!!

Katie said...

Great pictures! Plus I love your dress :D

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

loving, so loving your eye for detail.
omg, many talented girl!