Sunday, June 23, 2013



oh montpellier, such a charming, energetic place.

the 2nd photos is the view from my window. I stay in a beautiful, old building which has been both a monastery for women and later a prison for women… but I sleep very well!

today I start working. yeah! trying to keep my nerves in place.  wish you a wonderful sunday!


Ariane Reichardt said...

Bonjour, cher Sara!
ah, you transform every energy into a vivid stream of love!
Those colour of stones from the houses... mmmh. The light! Beautiful photos.
Wish you the best.
toi toi toi

Hugs and kisses

Jael said...

Det ser vackert ut där ma chere Sara:) Hoppas din första arbetsdag i Montpellier var riktigt bra:) Kram!

annton beate Schmidt said...

hope this doesn't appear freaky, but it makes me smile to know you a bit closer. oh, and montpellier, the city of my childish summers, of delicious breaks before heading further south. sending hugs.

erleichda said...

my dearest travelling bird
now I found you in France!

all my love to you
good luck!

stor klem kjære Sara!

Anonymous said...

Things should be great in such a beautiful place . . .

Have fun and knock their socks off! :)

Anki said...

Jij ook een fijne zondag Sara, succes! x

sarapirat said...

ariane, dear. vivid stream of love, that is beautiful. i thought of those words a few times today. how lucky i am to be able to share my fears with you guys. you give me such amazing feedback.... love and hugs

jael, tack, det var den! phu! sakta men säkert. (fast dagen var allt annat än sakta) kramar till dig!

annton. it is not the least freaky, makes me happy! :=) hugs back

demie, and the biggest warmest klem back! here iam in france, can hardly believe it myself...

sarah :) hihihi! i will do my best.

anki, bedankt, veel liefs!

Marlou said...

Zuid-Frankrijk is zo mooi :)
ik hoop dat je eerste werkdag goed is gegaan!

querido diário said...

What a beautiful place Sara :)

Fröken Stök said...

Jag landade där för ganska exakt ett år sen och upplevde en av mina vackraste veckor i närheten.
Och du verkar leva ett så spännande liv, men var?
Är du i Sverige någongång?

kramar från där jag är till där du är

Birdie said...

Bienvenue en France :)