Thursday, March 14, 2013

spring light, plants and greens, coffee and tea, endless talking


one of the little life adventures lately is drinking camel milk for the first time. slightly sweeter and with a hint of anise in the end. wonderful to make pannacotta with. second adventure is getting to know my sourdough. baking breads I once only could dream of baking! third adventure is the feeling of spring, each time coming with a certain hope and trust that life is fine.

when I am not too tired from dancing, I walk, for hours, with my friend, one of us with her son on our back. climbing hills, inside the forest, down the road, weaving one conversation into the other. feeling truly grateful to be surrounded by people with whom I can communicate, striving for total honesty and openness.



Patrice A. said...

ik zou willen zitten daar
in die keuken in het zonlicht
koffie drinken en luisteren
naar jullie conversatie
het ziet er zo welkom uit

Patrice A.

demie said...

all good things in one post...
the photo in the kitchen is wonderful!

enjoy all good things dear Sara : )

querido diário said...

The photo in the kitchen is surely special <3 makes me want to get inside it and live there for a while :)
i never drank camel milk,i'm allergic to cow milk and stuck between almond,rice and soy!

I have friends that live by really close to me and it goes months without me seeing one of them,everybody seems to be to 'busy' to gather,talk,visit,sometimes it makes me sad but i try to do my best hanging out with the cats in my sunny terrace :)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I love the baby pic too...very striking!
I used to have a good walking friend, there is nothing better....well maybe homemade sourdough bread!

sarapirat said...

patrice, en ik zou het onzettend leuk vinden als je hier was een keer! of twee! :) lijkt mij sneller om je in nederland te meeten, maar je bent ook hier van harte welkom! liefs

demie, you know, we built this kitchen! i did the mud plastering...and the tiles...makes me so happy to think of when being there! a house made of love for our friends, by their friends.

querido diario, have you tried goats milk? we have our own goats, and goats milk is a lot more gentle for us to digest. ive met many lactos intolerant people who are fine drinking goats milk. but rice almond soy etc are also tasty! and oats! what you mention about your friends so reminds me of living in the city. and i feel so happy to be a in a community. knowing my neighbors. like a big family. i guess the urban life style does not have to be like that, but for me it often was as well.
cats are great company though! :)

sally, thank you, yes hard to know which is better, a fresh loaf of bread or a good walk/talk ;)

Anne said...

mmmm... fijn!

Geoffrey Dunn said...

I love that little espresso maker:-)

Patrice A. said...

je maakt me nieuwsgierig!
mail je me?

Patrice A.

barbarabeesblog said...

S I G H - we're longing so desperately for spring, but this year the winter still going strong.
My son loves caramell milk to and I love this kitchen, so NICE!
Good to have a friend like this, it's so important!

till-vidas-ara said...

älskar denna texten. älskar bilderna..det där köket = underbart!!! och så lika där - strävar också efter öppenhet och ärlighet främst av allt nu. det är där nuet är som jag tänker det, upplever det. i ärligheten

många kramar om, Lycke

outi said...

halloooo! nice to see you here again, we are also back from the journey:)
I saw those beautiful white flowers in Switzerland, Schneeglöckli. It was getting truly spring in there. back home it´s still winter, the sea is totally frozen and well, you know..
But it´s coming soon, i hope, the Spring!
Hugs for you dear sara :)

fröken L said...

Det där fönstret.
Den där koppen.
Den där bebisen.
De där köken.
Det där stället.
Önskar att jag kunde sätta mig på nästa flyg!

Puss! Kram! Kärlek!

Evelina said...

Kul att koppen används! <3

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

this actually sounds like an accomplishment from here!
and many pleasing adventures...
camel milk?
(heavenly) sour dough?
way to go!

Birdie said...

Lovely serie :)