Saturday, March 9, 2013

light on europe


a few leftover moments from my trip to belgium & the lowlands.

things I love in and about europe: ♥ quiet train rides ♥ the architecture ♥ big windows, lots of light ♥ politeness ♥ friends ♥ memories ♥ abandoned houses ♥ crisp air ♥ the subtle and magical transformation from winter to spring ♥ language ♥ candies & sweets ♥ creativity ♥ biking on biking lanes ♥ markets ♥ speaking with a soft volume ♥ bright and long summer nights ♥

…among many other lovely things…


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

You could not have said it better! I love all of those same things too!

Anikó said...

that last image is beautiful, so atmospheric... missing my morning breakfasts with my friends.
love to you, hope all your toes are happy now! xx

Anonymous said...

I hope to one day travel out of the US. There's a whole beautiful world out there...thanks for showing us little bits of it.
Sometimes I feel stuck in my little corner the midwest....

Merel said...

Absorberen, tot de laatste pollepel...ehhh, druppel!

annika said...

Ja den där krispigheten i luften finns inte överallt, jag älskar den också. Och fina Sara, tänk om vi bara kunde ses, dricka lite te och prata. Titta på alla dina bilder. Stor kram!

demie said...

I feel the same Sara!
and the way you name all theses beauties is like a trip taken from my kitchen table ;)

querido diário said...

:) have to come to Porto to practice all of that here!

Anonymous said...

Njuter av dina vackra bilder...är för trött för att läsa text...tänker på dig mer än jag är här...förlåt...kramar från torilen som inte ens orkar logga in igen..

till-vidas-ara said...

Ååh..allt det där du nämner tycker jag också så mycket om, och nu blev jag verkligen sugen att resa. att vara närvarande i resan..i världen..
Tycker så mycket om dina porträtt. de känns så väldigt levande de där människorna du möter på vägen, de du har omkring dig. så så mycket liv!


Patrice A. said...

als dingen worden benoemd
word je kijk erop anders
tenminste dat is zo bij mij
mooie serie foto's
fijne woorden

Patrice A.

sarapirat said...

sally :) join the club!

aniko, so did you arrange a breakfast with friends in inspiration of? my toe is still inflamed...treating it with acupuncture and cabbage and anti inflammatory cream! all or nothing kind of...:)

sarah, come visit! :) i would love to do a roadtrip in the us. one day...perhaps?

merel, :)

annika, kanske i sommar? det vore något! kramar

demie, sometimes the best way of traveling! hugs

querido diario, yes, does it need practice? i imagine porto is full of things to love, would want to go there one day!

torilen, saknar dig! stora kramar till dig

lycke, fina du, tack snälla, älskar att fota människor, små och stora...
och resa, ja, fantastiskt! så viktigt att kliva ur vår bekväma ram ibland. kramar till dig

patrice, hmmm inderdaad. dankjewel lieve patrice. knuffel!

Anikó said...

i was thinking of my old friends i left behind in London... and my sis in Hungary too :) it will be a little while until i can satisfy the travelbug again, but probably in the summer i'll join my sister for a few lunches. i have two friends here only, the finns seem to be a bit hard to approach when you are new in town. but i'm sure i'll garner more friends here too as time goes by :)
hope your toe troubles will be gone soon. hugs to you x

silvia - idiaridellalambretta said...

love it! (and completely agree)