Tuesday, September 11, 2012

random/sweden, part 3

_MG_3847 in bed_MG_3854  _MG_3683_MG_3794 söndag

a collage of swedish moments. tomorrow i will jump to germany for a few days, and breathe some danish air on the way. 

i feel creative again. but as if my hormones are slightly dead. and my words are few. oh life, never static.


Merel said...

zachte jonge en oude mensen op je foto's. Mooi. Die poten van de bril rocken wel :-D Goede reis en fijne dagen!

Lilli said...

Think I know, how you feel. Even if I'm not a ballerina. I'm living with one though, not a day without old lace curtains, Tchaikovsky and ovations. Travel safely.

(I will never read fifty shades of grey, not even a single one of them :)


annika said...

Aldrig statiskt, allt förändras hela tiden, lite eller mycket. Ha det fint i Tyskland!

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

I hear you and so understand. is it both or never one with the other? haven't figured it out yet. have a good trip and welcome around ;-)

demie said...

You are somehow lucky life is never static...and words are overestimated sometimes

Enjoy your trip :)

till-vidas-ara said...

verkligen inte statiskt. här är man som en hoppjerka uppochner. men härligt när kreativiteten sätter igen. bara man har tid att göra något av den. låt livet strömma in. håll våra ögon öppna..raraste vän

kramar Lycke

Yaelian said...

Hejsan Sara! Fina bilder igen. När kommer du tillbaka hit?
En stor kram!

martita said...

wuhuuu!!!! i'm baaack!! back here on your blog but far away from madrid!! these days i've been moving to barcelona. hopefully soon some pictures in my blog :). your collections of moments from sweden is always so tender and warm! makes me feel good inside, sitting here in my new room. besos sarita!!! where in germany btw??

Ariane Reichardt said...

Nothing is more constant than change,
dearest Sara. I love that. Its movement and opportunity...
... to meet you in Germany? Where will you be, my friend?

Love your pics of Sweden. They showes a kind of earnest view. Pure.

Hugs, Ariane.

s said...

ha det så bra nu, vi kan väl gå upp och lämna bilderna när du kommer tillbaka. hälsa Sofia (det var väl henne du skulle träffa?)

nathalie et cetera said...

Beautiful! I like the first two shots a lot!

sarapirat said...

merel, misschien een zachte vrouw. :) weet niet welke! ook voor jou fijne dagen!

lilli, lace curtains and tchaikovsky! that sounds fantastic. i love the nutcracker, brings back childhood memories. but these days i am more into arvo pärt i guess. do you know him?

annika, tack fina du!

annton, me neither, nothing figured out! hahhaa!

demie, indeed. lately i try to talk less. and do more. not sure it works though.

lycke, hoppjerka, underbart ord! låter inte så tokigt. och öppna ögon, ja, jag försöker. öppnar dom igen och igen, hela tiden!

yaelian, nästa helg, det närmar sig! kramar

martita, oh welcome to barcelona, very curious about your new start! and will check your blog soon to see what you are up to. i was in the north of germany, close to the border with denmark. love and hugs

ariane, dear, i was actually not too far from you, close to flensburg, but with very little time and a friend i had not met in a long time. next time i will do hamburg with you?! love and kiss

s, kram!

nathalie, thank you dear!

La Dolce Vita said...

All the captures are indeed very soulful and takes me a little more closer to Sweden ! I hope you are doing well.
have a nice day !

outi said...

heeeeeej där!
merci danke tack så mycket! i got the package today, you remembered my favorites! thank you so much <3

and you are soon, or already in south again? i hope your stay in the north went good and you enjoyed.

lots of Love and hugs!!!