Thursday, September 13, 2012

30E, room 11

30E, rum 11farmor röker

i told her she has a elvis hairdo.


Pascale said...

ah ah, excellent !
(we all know he is not dead...)

Ariane Reichardt said...

You re right, dear Sara... and isn't her manner to hold her cigarette as Sophia Loren did?
I like her nail polish.
Hugs to her.


anna said...

fina farmor... hoppas du har det toppen, pusspuss!

barbarabeesblog said...

Yes cool hairstyle and I like how she looks in the camera, how she holds her cigarette with her nail polish, scarf everything - great attitude - and I guess she has no idea...
Hugs Barbara

Yaelian said...

Vilken cool hårstil din farmor har!Kram!

Anne said...


Miren Iriondo Photographie said...

ohh! cool hairstyle!

Julia da Franca said...

she's beautiful, but the first picture made me cry...
knowing that you are in germany makes me 'wanna see you so badly;))! love, julia

Marieke said...

haha, she does :)

demie said...

is not easy to get older
but she does it with grace

Lilli said...

Din farmor är underbar! Vacker, elegant... och tuff!
(Min son har svensk flickvän, så jag måste öva mig :)

lamediterrània said...

She's beautiful, yout pictures are beautiful, what you tell about them is beautiful.
I only have to guess by seeing what you express that uou are beautiful too :)
Loved your sightseeing picture tour around Sweden. I'll go there someday.

Seraphina Theresa said...

Wish I could be in Sweden in autumn.
I get a new lens, thank you :)

Elle said...

She's amazing with her sparkling eyes!

outi said...

hello dear grandmother! i like the Elvis hair style, that style never goes out of fashion.
we call our tiny one sometimes Elvis too;)

pus och kram <3

Patrice A. said...

prachtige foto
met een elegante hand
en fijn Elvis-haar


Eefje said...

Als een trotse dame, zo ziet ze eruit.
En fijn om weer even op je blog rond te kijken naar al dat moois wat je hebt gevangen op foto.

sarapirat said...

pascale, hahahha! revived into the body of my grandmother...

ariane, i need to check that, how sophia loren did it! she is an amazing woman anyhow. love back

anna, puss!

barbara, probably not...just going about her life the way she can and wants. perhaps the best way after all. hugs

yaelian, visst har hon?

anne, :) grappig toch!

miren :)

julia, yes, i also find there is something very sad about it. then again, i read in all the things i experience when i meet her. where in germany are you again? lets meet some day!

marieke, ja toch?! :)

demie, i think so too. not sure she feels the same right now.

lilli, oh vad synd att det inte är jag! hihihi, skojar bara! vad roligt att han har en svensk flickvän, du kan öva med mig, hur mycket du vill! kramar

lamedi, yes, do come here! i am hoping to go to spain quite soon. maybe in the spring? then i will let you know, perhaps we can meet! thank you for your kind words.

seraphina, it is beautiful, and not only in the autumn. come! (but so is germany!)

elle, yes, she is! ♥

outi, puss och kram back, the tiny one with an elvis hairdo, that must be great! sweetness she is...

patrice, prachtige vrouw is zij! liefs

La Dolce Vita said...

She is such a strong and determined character ! You have captured her in such a fine spirit. Both the photographs makes me nostalgic...they reflects a time gone by and also a time that stands still in silence.
Your photography is so deep, sometimes playful, sometimes intense !

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i've just been scrolling down here.

your images are quite the thing.
so are the words you sprinkle.

MUS said...


olga fanara said...

nice blog! have a look at mine :)