Thursday, September 6, 2012

random/sweden, part 1

_MG_3532_MG_3622 _MG_3548_MG_3580_MG_3541_MG_3555_MG_3630_MG_3567_MG_3563     

hey ho. can you smell the autumn? i am here and not there. picking mushrooms and drying apples. my mind is like a spider web, no linear paths, knitting grey, thick wool and reading zen books, forget about instagram, i am old school. 

oh, and i had another ‘bring the fairy tale blog world into reality’- meeting two days ago, dear outi and her sweet little family♥

how about you guys? are you rocking september? i have missed you.


Griet said...

he sara, de herfst hangt hier ook al in de lucht, fijn.. die frisse ochtenden! maar eerst nog even een weekje ontsnappen en nog wat an de zon genieten in Sardinië (volgende week!), ik kijk er al naar uit.

anna said...

alltså det där legobygget vi åstadkommit där, det är verklgen nåt att vara stolt över :)

annika said...

Saknat dig också! September är underbar. Min månad. :) Höstkramar i solen!

demie said...

Hei Sara!

sounds godd and comforty and very very autumny...
I like you are "old school" and I am so happy ( and jealous ) you once again got to meet a fellow blogger!

When are you coming to Norway, hon?

Monica said...

i'm also here and not here.

great shots. those mushrooms looks amazing.
september has started with a bang, which unsual. i do prefer to ease into it, into the browns and yellows and slowing down.

La Dolce Vita said...

Wonderful collection of pictures ! I enjoyed viewing no.1, 4,5,6 and no.8 -the most.
In fact, the no.8 photo is brilliant ! I think you are enjoying the Swedish life a lot. And do not feel bad about not mailing me. No need to hurry. Take your time and write to me whenever you feel free.
Or you can write a blog post on your cooking and recipes, I will learn from that !
have a lovely day !

Ariane Reichardt said...

Aaah, you are playing with contrasts, I like it,
dearest Sara!
Is your living more slowly in Sweden? Do you eat the mushrooms, fried in butter?
I LOVE September! the colours, that smell, the light... ahh, the harvest.
(do you hear my sighing?)

Love to you

Yaelian said...

Hejsan Sara,så trevligt att höra av dig igen! Kram!

Iris Vank said...

Was het wel fijn, een kleine blog break? Ik heb ook een vol hoofd, maar dat wordt vast snel beter!

Pascale said...

One year ago I was in Sweden too... I LOVEEEEEEEEED it. A so peaceful country...

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

September rockar! Istanbul, Stockholmsresor och trädgårdsfix.

outi said...

hey ho! was super nice to meet you sweet sweet Sara <3

and pity i have no hands for my big camera at the moment, i´m also old school..

Marieke said...

Wat een mooie foto's: die kunnen zo in een tijdschriften :)

sarapirat said...

griet, welkom, en geniet in sardinië! klingt heel fijn.

anna, verkligen! bygg vidare?

annika, fint är det, särskilt nu med lite soliga dagar, varma kramar till dig.

demie, i would love love love to come to norway, not so far after all. let's see what life will bring.

monica, join the club! slowing down is a great idea. i try to do the same.

sanghamitra, thank you dear, sweet words again, i will get back to you on the food part, when time is ripe! love to you

ariane, dear, sometimes more slow sometimes less, many people to see in somewhat short time. i will go to germany this week you know! to visit an old friend from my netherlands days. i fry them in butter...make soups. toasts. pastas. it is so very tasty! love and hugs to you

yaelian, tack detsamma, kramar

iris, ja dat gebeurt best vak he, tenminste bij mij! :)

pascale, peaceful indeed, different rhythm i find. especially compared to israel.

miss ud, istanbul! åh! när var hur?

outi, hope to see you sometime soon again?! you will probably get back to it, once h starts crawling around on her own. :)

marieke, dankjewel! wauw!

Anikó said...

atmospheric photoes. i'm loving the nordic autumn, so defined, so atmospheric, compared to London.

my man and I watched a film recently, My Dinner with Andre (dir. by Louis Malle) and I thought of you, I think you would like it too. Do you know it?


till-vidas-ara said...

jo, försöker skippa vemodet här :) och idag går det fintfint. känns så mycket bättre med det där, oc man vet ju aldrig som du säger..känns skönt att nämna det ändå så ingen tror det är min blog den också, var visst nån som gjorde i bö trollen spricker en solig dag som denna och jag beundrar dina bilder och ord igen..fick en barndomskänsla när jag läste det här hos dig..så himla fin känsla, som hos farmor och stickandet..regndropparna på träden..mmm...mycket känslor om hösten..

kramar Lycke

Anonymous said...

I love your photography. Your photos are all so different from another. It's amazing how you manage to take so different images and still make them all beautiful!

sarapirat said...

aniko, indeed the nordic autumn is something quite spectacular. haven't seen the full peak of it in a few years now, when there are reds and yellow's everywhere. i never heard of this movie but searched for it online and it sounds really nice, will try to find it somehow!

lycke, ja det förstår jag. gränserna blir ju så otydliga på nätet. tänker ibland med rädsla på vad som potentiellt kan hända med ens tja. jag vet inte? funderade på dom där vattenmärkningarna? men vemodet känns lite bättre alltså? det låter bra. tänker på dig, stora kramar

birgitte, thank you for your lovely comment and welcome here! made me very happy!

martita said...

these pictures are soooo beautiful sarita!!! i more-than-like all of them!!! i want to go to sweden too!!! BESOS and take care and feel warm inside, guapa!!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

lovely photos. love it that you call blogging old school. times are changing fast, eh?