Tuesday, May 15, 2012

shedding a tear or two

my computer got stolen yesterday. four years of photography, the majority of it not backed up, is most likely gone with the wind. not to mention all the letters, and the music and...and...and... so much emotional value for me, and a relatively small sum of money for the one who stole it. it makes me think about how our things can end up owning us. a huge lesson in letting go, and putting things into perspective. and more than ever, i am thankful for the tiny tip of the iceberg which i documented here.


s said...

usch, tänker på dig...du, jag kan skicka en dator (med Didrik och Ebba-filmen på!) till dig imorgon om du vill, jag har ju nån kvar du kan få? och lite musik! fast jag vet, det räcker ju liksom inte.
usch, usch, usch!!
säg till om jag kan göra nåt...

Anonymous said...

That's a crappy thing to happen. I hope it turns up or that you had enough of your work stashed elsewhere to lessen the blow...

Patrice A. said...

oh, sara....
wat onnodig en stom
ik wou dat ik iets kon doen
en kijk ondertussen
naar je mooie beelden
die hier nog zijn

ik denk aan je
en draag je mee


anna said...

ånej! ånej ånej ånej!!! jag skulle gråta blod över bilderna :( eller snarare, jag gör det, du hade ju massor med fina på barnen som jag sörjer, för att inte tala om allt annat. hoppas den mirakulöst dyker upp igen. kramar!

Toril said...

Men kära...för första gången på så länge som jag hälsar på av olika skäl..så får jag läsa detta...shit..jag lider med dig. Kan knappt föreställa mig den rakningen av själen..
Kramar om dig å vill också säga att jag fick boken..så fin å lagom!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, NO!
Dear Sara,
its a hard lesson.

Thank God, YOU are fine. You take every thing with you whats important.

Carry on.


Unknown said...

omg! i would FREAK OUT!
i'm sorry.

4 years, not backed up!? well, you learnt that lesson the very hard way.

but yes, things similar have happened to me, and it's a huge one on letting go, starting fresh.

Eefje said...

Oh wat vreselijk, bah!! Ik hoop dat je op de een of andere manier nog zoveel mogelijk van je mooie beelden terug kunt halen.

Denk aan je x

Jael said...

Oj stackars dig,så tråkigt.Det är hemskt att förlåra massor med personliga saker,som bilder och sånt. En stor kram och i fortsättning,glöm inte att göra back-up.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Bastards! That's not fair. Why should you take preventative measures for fear your computer will get stolen. I'm so sorry that happened, because you would have had the most beautiful photos on there.

I hope by some freak chance of good luck you get it back.

annton said...

I remember when they broke into our studio/flat two years ago. it was heartbreaking in the beginning, all that was gone. but then, I decided to not let it get to me and neighbors started collecting for us, brought flowers and cakes. in the end, what could have been a nightmare, became a lesson in letting go and making things good out of bad stuff!

annika said...

Ååååh! Skit också! Du tar det lugnt tycker jag. Tänker på alla backups jag gjort, det är så viktigt men lätt att glömma. Har en liten extern hårddisk för mina bilder. Men du har alla fina här i bloggen förstås. Kram!

martita said...

oh my dear sarita, i'm soo sorry to hear that! i can completely understand how you feel, but the best thing is not to think it twice or you'll get too sad about it. i send you all my love and support pequeña, mucho ánimo!!

Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, i feel very sorry for that. don't let the bad feeling stay to deep inside! it is sad, its gone but you will fill a new chapter/computer soon!
love and hugs, julia

Maria said...

I'm so so sad for you.

Evelina said...

Inte coolt att sno andras saker! Grrrr jag blir så arg och ledsen för din skull. Kram

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
let me feed you. Maybe with something new? Maybe not.
'Every single day'

Open for clues.


outi said...

that´s really really stupid and sad thing. especially when thinking of that value for you, and the value for that one who stole your computer.

I know the feeling of loosing years of photos, i had that little "accident" that lost my photos from the hard disc since the last 5 years. even just photos, they are also part of the memory. and i had to cry a bit.

luckily there is this blog, and a little glimpse of left.

love and hugs <3

Patrice A. said...

zag ik een prachtige
voorstelling van NDT1
drie balletten waarvan de eerste
door een Israelische choreograaf
en ik dacht aan jou
en het filmpje wat
ik van je zag


S said...

Very sorry to hear that. I hope that this will give you an opportunity to start life afresh. Also, this time, keep everything backed up in a external hard drive once a week.
take care,

sarapirat said...

s rara du ar for snall... pratar med dig sa snart jag kan. tillbaka fran italien om nagra dar. kramar

geoffrey thank you, i will start collecting from friends what i have shared with them. and hope to recover my harddisc.. welcome btw!

patrice ja wat jammer. bedankt voor je steun en gedachten!.welke israelische choreograaf trouwens? liefs! knuffels!

anna ja gone with the wind. men du har väl en del? hoppas jag...och dom som finns pa bloggen. kramar

toril hej vännen, glad att du är här och att boken kom fram. lagom är ordet! till att börja med... stora kramar

ariane dear you are so right we carry wioth us what is important! i will check your link out, curious! love and kiss

monica, yes i feel lighter for sure! :) a great lesson indeed. trying to embrace it aswell... !

eefje bedankt, gedachten zijn goed! wordt ik blij van!

yaelian ja...sant är livet helt enkelt. kramar

carmel yes something about theft is so insulting it almost feels personal.. ouf. but hey! life goes on. and maybe maybe--- love

annton beate wow, that is a great story. sweet neighbors! and welcome, thanks for your comment!

annika, ja ironien är den att min harddisk gick sönder bara nügra dagar innan...typiskt. men jag tror att jag har fatt tydliga signaler...pa vad jag behöver öva mig i. kramar

martita i so agree with you and realized pretty quickly that thinking back on all those photos wont help me right now...so here we go! :) smile and breathe! besos besos besos

julia thank you dear so many great wise words from you and other dear bloggers! it helps! hugs

maria thank you hugs back!

evelina nej verkligen inte coolt. kramar till dig

outi how come you lost it? did the hard disc break? how is your belly doing? you are getting closer...wooohooo! exciting! love and hugs

la dolce vita, yes, indeed very symbolic for a new chapter...change and embracing change.

Merel said...

Wat verdrietig! Sterkte!

seraphina theresa said...

I'm really sorry for you!
So I've written it down again in the post you had already commented. Maybe you want to read about my stones now...
Hope everythings gets right with you computer. ♥

Unknown said...

ooh wat vreselijk vervelend :-(
Op mijn laptop staan ook heel veel persoonlijke dingen dus ik mag er niet aan denken.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

so sorry to hear. big hug xo

outi said...

well, i had most of my photos on an outer hard disc (or how is it called..) and not on my computer. S. was doing some cleaning with that hard disc, and... yep. there they went;)
many people say one should have all important stuff at least in 2 different places. i´m just still not that well organized..

yes, we are living exciting days at the moment. and still waiting... hugs <3

Anne said...

oh nee, wat erg - helemaal niet fijn zo'n les :(

nathalie et cetera said...

yikes! i hope you'll find a new computer fit for you. I would be very sad if my computer died.