Sunday, May 6, 2012

a month and two days


he finally has a name, makes the most amazing facial expressions and likes to join us when we herd the goats. i am wondering if as a swedish god mother i should teach him some swedish? time flies, and i don’t get much blogging done. however, i am still alive and kicking.


till-vidas-ara said...

vackert där! här snöar det hela tiden...du har mail!

kramar Lycke

Patrice A. said...

ach Sara
wat een prachtige foto!
weemoed en verlangen
naar die tijd
dat de jongens klein waren
nu slaap ik zo soms
met de hond in mijn armen


Iris Vank said...

Prachtige foto ja!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

beautiful photo. i always speak to little babies in my own langauge. seems like actual words are not as important as the tone. and the mothertongue is where i am most honest. i think...?

i'd love to come see your show in june. i wrote it into my calendar and i will get back to you on that.

btw, just caught up a bit through older posts. seems like it's blurry up there in the north too. and tlv for that matter. must be something seasonal ;)

Yaelian said...

Vilken söt bild:)
Jag hade fel namn för trädet;det borde vara någon slags oliander träd istället.Kram!

Tess said...

Prachtige foto!
Geniet van je meterschap :)

nathalie et cetera said...

what a beautiful photo! you are a blessed godmother. enjoy every moment, time flies indeed.

Merel said...

mooi joh. Geniet! En natuurlijk kun je in je moedertaal spreken, lijkt mij... het kindje zal vast leren wat het nodig heeft.

La Dolce Vita said...

Such a beautiful photo !
A tender moment well captured.
Take care,

Miren Iriondo Photographie said...

The photos that I extract are places to which I travel, places of españa. Unknown places that I try to reflect in the photographies. I am charmed with your photo, very tender photo!!

fröken L said...

En sådan underbar bild! Det ser så tryggt och kärleksfullt ut.
Lite svenska tycker jag absolut att du ska lära honom, det vore väl fint om han kunde läsa Astrid Lindgren på orginalspråket?!

Pussar och kärlek!

annika said...

Så fridfullt och vackert!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Sara,
a great photo.
And both will be really lucky of that pic, sooner and later.

Oh, I know that feeling and I loved it. The nest in bed, the heavenly smell of baby... I miss it.

Do I hear a clock's ticking?

Love to you!
xo Ariane.

sarapirat said...

och glad blir jag av mail! tack och tack igen... snö?! herregud! kramar

patrice, ook met de hond is het fijn. spoons slapen. kan mij voorstellen dat je als moeder het gaat missen.

iris, dankje! prachtige twee's!

trinsch, probably for you it is a mixture of many languages. i think this is how it will be for me, one day. indeed it must be something seasonal, this blur! :) i hope so you can come, so that we can have a cocktail after (more important than the show itself!)

yaelian, ahhh, vet du nu hur det heter? kram

tess, dankjewel! en welkom!

nathalie, i will. i try! ♥

merel, ja zeker. en ik geniet, heel veel! liefs

la dolce vita, thank you! so far i haven't photographed him a lot, it feels somehow intruding when he is so small. but i start finding the moments...

miren, do you travel to explore? to visit family-friends? for work? curious!

frkn l, det vore ju absolut något! hahaha! jag tyckte ju att han skulle heta emil dessutom.. kramar

annika, när han sover då är det väldigt fridfullt! :)

ariane, yes, i think so too. and you can see that they look alike, right?
hahhah, you might very well be hearing the clock ticking! :) love and hugs

Eefje said...

Wat een vertederende foto. Zoet!

Anne said...

lief die foto!

outi said...

oh how beautiful little person! the photo is super beautiful too.

at least you could just talk swedish to him. i have red that it´s somehow useful for the little kids to hear different kinds of languages, the intonation and singing rhythm of languages. and swedish has a good singing intonation, no? at least i hear it like that:)

anna said...

ja klart du ska lära honom svenska!!! puss

sarapirat said...

eefje, ♥ ja veel zoet!

anne dankje!

outi indeed many people told me that swedish is very singing and has a strong melody. and i guess the earlier the better... your's will be a bilingual one, right?!

anna, visst! :) fast det kommer inte precis naturligt längre...

outi said...

we have been wondering (already..) if this kid is ever going to learn any proper language, as we are speaking everything so mixed;)
but tja, first we still have to wait for a moment..still waiting this one to get born..any day now..