Friday, May 25, 2012

cherry mania

Picture 112

Picture 104

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it has been a very cherry week. isn’t it bizarre that it is cheaper to leave the cherries on the trees (to rot) rather than paying people to pluck it, and then selling it? well, that is apparently the case this season, so me and my friends were offered to pluck and collect as much as we wanted. i am slightly purple these days. my clothes are stained. and i meditate while removing pit after pit after pit…

lately i have been thinking a lot about our relationship to money. what a loaded topic it can become. the purest form of work i have ever done, are all work that did not pay me in money. with pure, i mean a harmonic balance of giving and taking,  and a feeling of mutual appreciation and respect.  more and more, i try to find solutions to gain without involving cash. bartering works really well. i will photograph someone’s pottery and i will get ceramic works in change. i babysit my friends babies (which feels like hanging out with a very good, but much younger friend, hence lots of fun) and my friends drive me to work (no driving license means slightly immobile at times) i will bake loafs of bread for someone and they will teach me how to work with photoshop. i will do tiling and mud plastering and someone give me driving lessons. etc etc etc. more bartering for the people! more DIY!

if you drop by i will treat you with a cherry pancake-cake, or yoghurt with cherry jam…


La Dolce Vita said...

That pan cake looks beautiful and all the photos so natural and spontaneous !
When we do things without any money, for our friends, for ourselves, there is no pressure-we work from our heart and that is authentic work.

have a great weekend !

Patrice A. said...

je handen
de foto's
en ik zou zooooo graag
bij je langskomen
die pannenkoeken met kersen zien
er geweldig lekker uit!
en dan leer jij me bewegen/dansen
en schilder of behang ik je muren
brei een muts of sjaal
bak een taart of koek
of iets anders
dat zou mooi zijn

fijn weekend!
kus x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Sara,
your cherry yogurt pancake looks mmmmarvellous and yummmmmy! Delicious images.

During my study I swapped fascilities without money with some friends. It worked... till one by one earned money in jobs...

Its a theme, definitely.
All the more in capitalistic structures... and the knowing that we can't eat money.

Have a nice weekend, my soulmate.

Yaelian said...

Vilken absurd situation,att det inte lönar sig att skaffa människor som plockar körsbär.Men bättre för dig;körsbär är gott! ha en bra veckoslut och skall du ätä ostkaka? Har just lagat en...

Iris Vank said...

Ik zou wel langs willen komen voor dat lekkers.. Gaaf die foto's. En slim die ruildiensten!

Merel said...

je leert veel zo, Sara! Fijn. En je kersenfoto's zien er heerlijk uit.

Daan said...


en och ja, ik deel je gevoel, ik ruil ook graag, geld vragen voor iets wat ik met mijn hart doe vind ik zo moeilijk (hoewel ik het dan weer niet moeilijk vind om iemand goed te betalen voor iets wat hijmet zijn hart maakt ... mmmm ingewikkeld)

Mooi weekend voor jou en de jouwen


(Maantje Piet is bijna 1 jaar het tropenjaar is bijna voorbij, ik krijg weer een beetje meer tijd en ruimte)

Julia da Franca said...

sweet cherry girl! last friday i thought a lot of/about you/your work. i've been in hamburg and saw this:
now i need to see BLUSH from Wim Vandekeybus too.
oh wow!!! the dancers, the music!
hope you are fine and happy, love julia

nathalie et cetera said...

I see you t-shirt and it reminds me of when I had my little jam factory. Lots of mix feelings but I remember loving being dirty after a long day of work. Never made cherry jam though. They are way too expensive here.

martita said...

mi querida sarita, beautiful cherries!! yesterday i bought the first ones of the season in the supermarket, and I spent some time thinking that it's such a pity that when you live in big cities everything arrived so manufactured... the cherries i bought tasted nice, but they looked far away from freshly picked. and now i see yours and i'm jealous ;).
i really liked your thoughts on money. i'm also thinking about that a lot lately, how many shapes everything in this world, every exchange, i hate it. you know? there's a really nice idea we're developing in the assembly of my neighbourhood(you know the 15-m movement? since last year we coordinate it through weekly meetings in neighbourhood's assemblys), it's called "banco de tiempo", which means something like bank of time. it is exactly what you describe: we put in common what we can do and we exchange between us. i can help someone's children with maths homework, i get tomatos from the farm back, someone can babysit sunday mornings in the park, someone helps with the light that is not working at home... you know, since last year so many beautiful initiatives have appeared between people, after all, we are all affected by the crisis, and together with solidarity we can overcome in a better way...
in some ways, i feel more optimistic and positive about human nature, after all this...
sending you lots of besos

M. said...

:) can't wait for cherry season!

anna said...

mmm yummy

sarapirat said...

la dolce vita, i so agree with you, authentic work is probably the best. more of that!

patrice, oh ja, zou graag barteren met je! misschien, ooit?! veel liefs

ariane, well i hope it can be possible next to earning money. to balance it out. earning money, and earning goods, or favors, or service.
the cake hopefully was yummy, did not taste it myself in the end! :)

yaelian, nej det blev ingen ostkaka men jag bakade en nagra dagar innan shavuot! ja absurt med korsbaren och det ar inte forsta gangen jag hor liknande historier. kramar till dig

iris, KOM! :)
kunnen wij lekker ruilen

merel, ik heb zo veel kersen op! wauw!

daan, daar ben ik met je eens, ik begrijp het deze dagen veel beter, de tijd het kost, de energie om zelf dingen te creëren en wil daardoor meer daarvoor betalen. oh ja, bijan een jaar! zeker fijn met meer tijd voor jezelf.

julia, oh great, thank you for the inspiration, i saw them a long time ago in the netherlands. love and hug.

nathalie, wow, a jamfactory! sounds sweet, even though i assume that i was a lot of hard work. for how long did you have it? and what kind of jam did you make?

martita, they do taste the best straight from the tree. just like any veggie, repined in the sun, as fresh as it can get. and i am really inspired to hear about your neighborhood actions. will you tell me more about it? so are you in close touch with your neighbors? tell me more! show me photos?! :) besos! ♥

m, mmmm, still enjoying it here, and looking forward to litchis...figs...blackberries...

anna, mmmm! kom och smaka~!

Birdie said...

Ohlala ! This Pan cake !

trotsig said...

fantastiska bilder. levande. verkliga.

Magdalena Nowak said...

bought cherries yesterday. season is coming!

love these pictures. as always so much life in them!