Sunday, October 9, 2011

take your time

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taste your food, eat in silence, write a handwritten letter, wait patiently in line to buy a stamp, clear your thoughts, take a walk, smell the air, collect things and flowers along the roadside, listen to the details of a song in your earphones, listen again, and one more time, until you learn the lyrics, make a headstand, feel the blood rush from your feet, collect your courage to dare to ask that question, sit down, do nothing, rest your hands in your lap, walk a street you have never walked before, make something from scratch, fix the hole in a broken sock, let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth without chewing it, put a hand on someone’s arm while talking to them, smile to someone you meet on the street, give yourself a facial massage, read up about a subject you have always been interested in, take your time, feel, breathe.  


Makeminemidcentury said...

What a wonderful list on how ot approach life.

I try and remember to smile at at least one stranger everyday, because I think you never know, that stranger might just need a smile to get them through the day.

Julia da Franca said...

dear sara, you wrote what my soul/heart needs, going to do all that, taking my time. thank you! x, julia

Patrice A. said...

zo is het
neem de tijd
adem in en uit
en kijk, ervaar, geniet
jij zegt het zoveel mooier


demie said...

i do have a clockfobi ( i don`t even know if it this word exists) but your words; oh your words. its a leason i have to learn...

annika said...

Hm, dina ord träffar mig rakt i solar plexus idag. För jag är så dålig just nu på att ta min egen tid. Att göra det där lilla eller ingenting. Tack för påminnelsen och jag ska ta mig tillbaka till lugnet :) Mågottkram så här på måndagsmorgonen

Eefje said...

Heel mooi geschreven. Stilstaan bij normale dingen of iets anders doen dan dat je gewend bent, kan je dag zoveel mooier maken! Liefs

lamediterrània said...

It makes me feel so identiied!
I love the new streets, music on the earphones, chocolate melting...
all these things you talked about are things I do daily and quotidian experiences I enjoy. These things are the ones that make lonely moments feel so beautiful.
Thank you for putting a daily smile on my face!

mamutopia said...

Well said, so true!

Yaelian said...

Bra att komma ihåg:) Tack att du påminner om det! Kram!

pop said...

Åh! Underbart. Ljuvligt! De där orden landar mjukt i mig idag. Klart jag ska göra allt det där. Inte samtidigt, utan långsamt insiktsfullt.
Kram till dig!

Pascale said...

i'll do it... yes. well... not everyting. thanks to remember us...

Merel said...

Een goede reminder, het zit ook in de kleine dingen! Morgen weer yogauurtje, daar word ik ook zoooo relaxed van :-)

Jenny said...

Fint skrivet, det är verkligen en konst att kunna njuta av livet hela tiden utan att stressa runt. Vi har haft en härlig höstdag här hemma.

Anki said...

Dank je Sara, dit was precies wat ik nodig had.

sarapirat said...

carmel, so right you are, and how nice it is to connect for that very short moment and then just move on in life..after having shared a warm smile.

julia, happy to hear, let\s take our time! ♥

patrice, jij ook zegt het mooi! wij probeeren, toch? slaap lekker

demie, how does that manifest, i am very curious to hear more about it! and for me too, these are lessons!

annika, hoppas du hittar och tar till vara på lite egentid. den finns där någonstans. kramar

eefje, ja toch, het is het leven gewoon, soms vergeten wij dat! x.

lamedi, thank you for smiling back right at me! i need to remind myself about those moments.

mamutopia, welcome, nice that you are here!

yaelian, ja, jag behöver påminna mig själv framförallt..kramar

pop, långsamt och insiktsfullt. tack för dom orden. kramar

pascale, thank you for wanting to be reminded. love!

merel, oh wat voor yoga? yoga is fijn fijn fijn.
en uitdagend...

jenny, höstdag låter härligt. kramar om dig.

anki, wat fijn, dat je het ook nodig hat. ♥

jasmin said...

hello deliciousness

what a wonderful list.

i am a little proud to say i try to do a lot of these daily.

i like you.

have a ball in Greece

much love

jasmin said...

hello deliciousness

what a wonderful list.

i am a little proud to say i try to do a lot of these daily.

i like you.

have a ball in Greece

much love

nathalie et cetera said...

thank you for this post. it is very welcome. great shot too!